Entertainment in Tibet

  • Entertainment in Lhasa

    Golden Horse Number Four

    If you're in the mood for a glitzy Tibetan night out, head to this impressive Tibetan nangma place by 9pm, invest in a tableful of beers and wait for the song-and-dance stage show to kick in around 10.30pm. On weekends the two levels can seat 3000 Tibetans, who keep the modern and traditional Tibetan songs and dancing going until dawn.

  • Entertainment in Gyantse

    Gyantse Sound & Light Show

    This glitzy song-and-dance show is aimed squarely at Chinese tour groups but is performed on a grand scale, using the entire old town as its backdrop. Expect plenty of happy, shiny minority dances from the all-Tibetan cast of 300, mixed with a dash of patriotic anti-imperialism.

  • Entertainment in Lhasa

    Gyelpo’s Nangma

    Gyelpo's has long been a local favourite nangma (entertainment club), with a good floor show and singers. Gyelpo was a famous dancer on Tibetan TV. It’s a good place to meet local Tibetans, but it's losing popularity to glitzier venues.