Drinking and nightlife in Tibet

  • Nightlife in Lhasa

    Dzongyab Lukhang Park Teahouse East

    One of two good Tibetan-style teahouse restaurants in pleasant Dzongyab Lukhang Park, perfect for a break after a visit to the Potala or for snapping photos in the charming local park. Don't miss the traditional Tibetan-style line dancing on the stages outside the teahouse every morning until lunchtime.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Lhasa

    Summit Cafe

    With authentic espresso coffee and smoothies, free wi-fi and melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes, plus salads, paninis, pizza and American-style breakfast waffles and pancakes, this coffeehouse is mocha-flavoured nirvana. It’s in the courtyard of the Shangbala Hotel, a stone’s throw from the Jokhang. There are other, less appealing branches around town.

  • Nightlife in Lhasa


    After dark Lhasa's coolest nighttime spot is this stylish 2nd-floor bar and restaurant, full of sleek designer wooden tables, sofas and cool lighting and boasting a fine rooftop terrace. Draft Lhasa Beer, cocktails and Merlot by the glass are available, alongside a menu of steaks, pizza and Nepali set curries (mains ¥35 to ¥70). Bring a date.

  • Nightlife in Lhasa

    Makye Amye

    If the stories are true, this was a drinking haunt of the licentious sixth Dalai Lama, who met Tibetan beauty Makye Amye here and composed a famous poem about her. Chinese tourists are drawn to the absorbing views of the Barkhor from the corner tables and summer rooftop terrace, but the Tibetan dishes (mains ¥50 to ¥95) are just so-so.

  • Nightlife in Lhasa

    Guangming Teahouse

    For an unfiltered Tibetan experience head to this rough and ready (but friendly) Tibetan teahouse in the centre of town. Grab a glass, find a seat and wait for the tea ladies to come around refilling everyone's glass with sweet cha ngamo (milk tea). The hall is also popular with Chinese tourists.

  • Nightlife in Lhasa

    Green Cat Restaurant

    For the best nighttime views of the Potala Palace nurse a beer at this restaurant on the very top level of the Lucky Snow Hotel. The spotlit views of the Potala are simply mesmerising. There's western and Tibetan food if you get peckish – groups can try the Tibetan hotpot.

  • Nightlife in Pasho

    Wèijìng Coffee

    Surprisingly good fresh-ground coffee considering the location, and there's also a nice range of lunch and dinner set menus. It's just around the corner from Nùjiāngyún Dàjiǔdiàn hotel, or there's a small entry directly from the hotel courtyard.

  • Nightlife in Tingri

    Mt Kailash Coffee House

    This little cafe, which misspells 'coffe' on its sign, serves Tibetan tea and refreshments, as well as a (picture) menu of Indian dishes, soups and rice. You'll have to step past the sheep heads hanging in the doorway, but it's bright inside.