Must see attractions in Beijing

  • T
    Taiyuan Gate

    With nine considered an auspicious number, this gate was one of the nine altar gates within the Temple of Heaven Park complex. Note that you cannot enter…

  • T
    Temple of Heaven South Gate

    Also known as the Zhaoheng Gate (昭亨门; Zhāohēng Mén) the emperor and entourage would enter the temple complex through here. It's now one of the four main…

  • S
    Sheng Xi Fu Hat Museum

    This branch of the famous Sheng Xi Fu Hat Store has a quirky, free-to-visit hat museum out the back, revealing the history of the company and of hats in…

  • R
    Rear Hall

    One of the main halls within the Workers' Cultural Palace, but closed to visitors. It was used to store the spirit tablets of imperial ancestors in its…

  • M
    Middle Hall

    Known locally as the Resting Hall, this imperial building has a yellow-glazed eave-hipped roof. Closed for visitors.

  • E
    East Palace Gate

    The East Palace Gate is the main entrance to the Summer Palace.

  • P
    Phoenix Mound

    A small islet at the southeastern end of Kunming Lake, the Phoenix Mound is a popular vantage point.

  • K
    Kāng Líng

    The tomb of the Zhengde Emperor, who reigned from 1506–21. It's not open for visitors.

  • D
    Dé Líng

    The tomb of Tianqi, the 15th and penultimate Ming emperor. Not open for visitors.

  • Y
    Yŏng Líng

    The tomb of the Jiajing Emperor (1507–1567). Not open for visitors.

  • T
    Tài Líng

    The tomb of the Hongzhi Emperor (1470–1505). Not open for visitors.

  • M
    Mào Líng

    The 15th-century tomb of the Chenghua Emperor. Not open for visitors.