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Porvenir experienced waves of immigration, many from Croatia, when gold was discovered in 1879. Sheep estancias (grazing ranches) provided more reliable work, attracting Chileans from the island of Chiloé, who also came for fishing work. Today's population is a unique combination of the two.

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Program :The day begins at the Tres Puentes ferry terminal where we board the ship for the two-hour trip to Porvenir, on the main island of Tierra del Fuego. We will be crossing the legendary Straits of Magellan, a channel 583 km long thet connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In Porvenir we will visit the Fernando Cordero Rusque Museum with its exhibits covering the local fauna, the first movie theater on the island, the 19th-century gold rush, and the material about the early indigenous inhabitants, the Selknams. After lunch we will continue along the edge of Useless Bay, then enter a section of seemingly endless open pampa. Along the way we may see several species of birds as well as guanacos, a South American camelid that is related to the llamas, vicuñas, and alpacas. After traveling 114 km we reach the King Penguin Park. The king penguins, which are second largest after the emperor penguins, have a permanent colony here. Of all penguins these are considered the best divers and they can reach considerble depth, where schools of squids are found. During the summer season it may be possible to see the penguin chicks. We'll then leave the park and head for La Primera Angostura ("the First Narrows") where it is only 5 km across the Straits of Magellan. Here we take a ferry for about 20 minutes to retur to the continent and then continue another 200 km to return to Punta Arenas.Itinerary : 7:30 AM ,Pick-up hotel or airport, port 8:00 AM Tres Puentes' ferry terminal Navegation to Tierra del Fuego 12:00 PM Arrival at Porvenir,Visit to the city museum and plaza 1:30 PM Lunch- 14:30 PM Transfer to Parque Pinguino Rey 17:30 PM Return to Punta Arenas,Stops at Cerro Sombrero and Estancia San Gregorio 9:00 PM ,Arrival at Punta Arenas  The price of the tour does not include tickets to the King Pinguino Park, Museum ,neither the price of lunch Includes tiket de Ferry, Guide in English SpanishNote: This service is regular tours where passengers are integrated into a group of passengers.But if I wanted a private service the minimum is 6 passengers

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King Penguin & Tierra del Fuego Tour

The day begins by pick up approximately from 7:00AM from your Hotel in Punta Arenas and then, we go to the Tres Puentes terminal to take the ferry that in 2 hours of navigation crosses the Strait of Magellan to the Island of Tierra del Fuego. The disembarkation is in Chilota Bay and from there it's a 5-kilometer trip where you will reach the city of Porvenir; to see its Plaza de Armas Selknam's main square. Later we will visit their small but very interesting museum, where we can find a viewpoint of the city. Later, we continue the trip to the King Penguin Park, 114 km away from the city. This trip takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes and a large part of it is skirting Bahía Inútil. The Park is a unique sighting place where following the path we can observe a group of about 30 to 40 specimens of this species at a distance of between 15 to 20 meters approximately. After 1 hour in the place, we will continue our trip observing from the route the helmet of the Estancia Josefina, one of the most important of the island. We will also visit the Cerro Sombrero oil town. Finally, we will cross again the Strait of Magellan, this time for its narrowest part (Primera Angostura, only 20 minutes of navigation). Depending on the date of travel, times and hours of light we can stop at the abandoned Estancia San Gregorio, one of the first and most historic in the region and then return to Punta Arenas.

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