Drinking and nightlife in Newfoundland & Labrador

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in St John's

    Duke of Duckworth

    'The Duke,' as it's known, is an unpretentious English-style pub that represents all that's great about Newfoundland and Newfoundlanders. Stop in on a Friday night and you'll see a mix of blue-collar and white-collar workers, young and old, and perhaps even band members from Great Big Sea plunked down on the well-worn red-velour bar stools.

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    Geeks Public House

    This bar serves its own butterbeer and scores a +5 bonus for getting customers happily buzzed while they peruse all five editions of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook. If that last sentence got you excited, you'll love this place. If it made you scratch your head, you'll likely still love this spot, dedicated to nerdy pursuits and affectations.

  • Nightlife in St John's

    Newfoundland Chocolate Company

    This small local chain dishes out bonkers-good artisan chocolates, including cups of hot chocolate ($5 to $7) with flavors including sea salt, caramel, and local berries that will make your head spin. Look for a big Newfoundland-as-chocolate-paradise mural near this flagship location. There's another branch in the Signal Hill Visitor Centre that's open from 9am to 8pm daily.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Twillingate Island & New World Island

    Crow's Nest Café

    True to its name, the Crow's Nest occupies a high hill overlooking Twillingate. Even better than the views are the coffee, scones, cakes and other baked goods ($3 to $6) – all superlatively delicious and made with care. There's a bohemian vibe and plenty of local art on the walls.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in St John's

    Inn of Olde Pub

    Step inside the Inn of Olde and you'll feel like you've walked into the collective attic of the city, with a jumble of laminate tables, dusty hockey gear, black-and-white photos, framed newspaper clippings and faded NHL jerseys. Presiding over everything is Linda, who has been tending bar and bending ears for as long as anyone can remember.

  • Nightlife in St John's


    Welcome to Newfoundland's first board-game cafe. Inspired by counterparts in South Korea, young brothers and game gurus Erich and Leon opened this welcoming branch with more than 300 games, ranging from classics such as Battleship to Pandemic and Exploding Kittens. It's usually packed after 7pm. It also serves small bites and coffee drinks. Kids under six can play free.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Gros Morne National Park

    Galliott Studios

    Part espresso house, part cheesemonger, part beer bar, part artists' gallery, all awesome: Galliott is a highlight of any visit to the Woody Point side of Gros Morne. Make sure to enjoy the phenomenal view from the back porch. It's a favorite hangout for those attending the Writers at Woody Point Festival.

  • Nightlife in Goulds & Petty Harbour


    Joy is here: real espresso drinks at a refurbished waterfront shed. Owner Karen loves talking local lore; she also makes a mean hiker cookie, packed with seeds. There's also great baked treats and sandwiches. If you have an extra few hours to chill out, spend them on the deck.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in St John's

    Battery Cafe

    This bright, cozy espresso bar and cafe brews some of the finest caffeine jolts in town; there are also good sandwiches and baked goods. Has outdoor picnic-table seating in good weather.

  • Nightlife in Trinity

    Two Whales Cafe

    An adorable coffee shop serving the full-octane variety and lemon blueberry cake that's off the charts. It also does good vegetarian fare and organic salads.

  • Nightlife in St John's

    Quidi Vidi Brewery

    This microbrewery is located in an old fish-processing plant on the tiny wharf. It's a swell place to enjoy a drink. Call ahead to book a tasting, which lasts around 45 minutes. Locals prefer you to park on the outskirts of town and walk in.

  • Nightlife in Port au Port Peninsula

    Secret Cove Brewing

    It's not enough that this isolated peninsula has great natural beauty and one of the world's rarest dialects of French; thanks to Secret Cove, there's a very fine brewery, complete with beer garden, here as well. Pop in for a craft beer, some live music, good camaraderie and other reminders of the joys of life.

  • Nightlife in Twillingate Island & New World Island

    Stage Head Pub

    This pub, which exudes contemporary stylized charm, is attached to the local brewmasters at Split Rock Brewing. The minimalist drinking hall is a good spot to meet someone from around, enjoy the occasional live-music performance or just sink a local beer. Note that the bar closes when it wants to.

  • Nightlife in St John's

    Yellow Belly Brewery

    Refreshing brews crafted on-site are front and center at this casual meeting spot, a brick behemoth dating back to 1725. Everyone's having a good time and there's decent pub grub to soak up the brews. For extra ambience descend to the underbelly – a dark basement bar with a speakeasy feel.

  • Nightlife in Cupids

    The Newfoundland Distillery Company

    It feels like there's a craft brewery around every random cove in Newfoundland, but spirits distilleries are thin on the ground. This one produces vodka and gin, which you can sample (along with local cheeses – yum) in the on-site tasting room. Live music kicks off on summer weekends.

  • Nightlife in Bonavista

    Quintal Cafe

    The folks at the Boreal Diner also operate this friendly little coffee shop, which has strong caffeinated goodness and a bunch of board games if you just feel like passing the time.

  • Nightlife in St John's


    This is the premier gay dance bar in Newfoundland, and a good spot for drag shows, pride parties, burlesque performances, fetish nights and the like. The crowd is diverse, and doesn't really hew to any one subculture.

  • Nightlife in Corner Brook

    Brewed Awakening

    This small, funky, art-on-the-wall coffee shop pours fair-trade organic java done right. It's attached to the groovy bike shop Cycle Solutions. Baked goods $3 to $7.

  • Nightlife in St John's

    Trapper John's Museum & Pub

    It's not the most refined pub in town, but it sure is the most fun place to become an Honorary Newfoundlander, which happens after you kiss Stubby the Puffin (a variation on the usual codfish). The animal traps enshrined throughout grant the 'museum' status.

  • Nightlife in St John's

    Trinity Pub

    Many a George St night begins at the Trinity, although we actually prefer this laid-back pub as a place to end one's adventures. When it's cold and rainy and you're in the mood for that most sacred of Irish bar traditions – a pint of stout – you'll find the Trinity has the proper cozy atmosphere.