Must-see shopping in Western Australia

  • Aspects of Kings Park


    Australian art, homewares, chunky jewellery and coffee-table books with an emphasis on handcrafted pieces and organic shapes.

  • Bartholomews Meadery

    Southern WA

    Great for sampling and purchasing spiced or berry mead; home-made, honey-based ice cream; and local honey.

  • Record Finder


    A treasure trove of old vinyl, including niche editions and music styles as well as collectibles.

  • Artlandish

    Broome & The Kimberley

    Stunning collection of Kimberley ochres and Western Desert acrylics to suit all price ranges.

  • Planet Books


    Cool bookshop with prints, posters and a good range of Australian-themed titles.

  • Bush Camp Surplus

    Broome & The Kimberley

    The biggest range of camping gear between Broome and Darwin.

  • Bodkin's Bootery


    Handcrafted men's and women's boots and hats. Aussie as.

  • Morish Nuts

    West Coast Australia

    A WA success story, Morish started out in a back room in Cottesloe in Perth in 1988, and now comprises three shops – this one is the main factory outlet…

  • House of Honey

    West Coast Australia

    See the bees, learn about the bees; taste the honey, buy the honey – a visit to the House of Honey is an educational experience as much as a foodie one…

  • Exmouth Shopping Centre


    The shopping centre includes dive shop, gift shops, surf and camping stores, liquor store, bakery and two supermarkets (7am to 7pm). A few tour operators…

  • Karratha City Shopping Centre

    West Coast Australia

    Home to a couple of supermarkets and a coffee shop, this shopping centre can also be a lifesaver if you've wrecked your outdoor footwear and need to buy…

  • Kununurra Markets

    Broome & The Kimberley

    Your typical friendly arts, crafts and bric-a-brac moshfest in the park opposite the visitor centre.

  • Margaret Riviera

    West Coast Australia

    Gourmet food store stocking local produce, including olive oils, preserves and cheeses.

  • Chart & Map Shop


    Maps and travel guides, with a focus on nautical and all things adventurous.

  • Boffins Books


    Locally adored, Boffins' technical and specialist range includes travel.

  • Atlas Divine


    Hip women's and men's clobber: jeans, quirky tees, dresses etc.