Must-see attractions in Parque Esteros del Iberá

  • Centro de Visitantes San Nicolás

    Parque Esteros del Iberá

    The visitors center has two hiking trails, the best of which is the Sendero Curupí, which winds through the bush for 2km and offers the chance to spot…

  • Museo Histórico

    Parque Esteros del Iberá

    Set in the old church, this museum has fairly interesting displays on the history of the region. Check out the balsa, a small boat made of cow's hide that…

  • Visitor Center

    Parque Esteros del Iberá

    The reserve's visitor center, on the Mercedes side of the causeway, has a good exhibition on local wildlife (in Spanish) and an audiovisual presentation…

  • Balneario Cacique Irá

    Parque Esteros del Iberá

    On the outskirts of town, this scenic lagoon has a grassy bank dotted with thatch huts and wooden recliners and is a popular spot for swimming and…

  • Mirador

    Parque Esteros del Iberá

    Climb this simple wooden tower at the edge of town on the lakeshore to spot capybaras and observe the local birdlife.

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