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$295 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Aventura de 3 días en la Selva Amazónica - Jibaro Tours & Expeditions

Day 1Departure from the Jibaro Tours & Expeditions office in the city of Iquitos to the Bellavista Nanay port. We begin the excursion in our river boat introducing us in the forest where we will see beautiful natural landscapes and growing towns on the banks of the river. We will visit the primate paradise known as "The Island of the Monkeys" that houses a variety of species in its habitat where we will interact with the Capuchin monkey, Monkey Choro, Tocón monkey, Spider monkey, parrots, parrots, sloths and more. Then we will observe gray and pink dolphins of fresh water. In the afternoon we go to the riverside community "San Rafael" on the banks of the Amazon River where we will learn about their ancestral activities, customs, handicrafts, followed by the "San Rafael" Trapiche, a place where sugar cane juice is extracted for maceration and brandy elaboration of cane where we will try handcrafted products such as the famous Rompe Calzón (RC), 7 Raíces or Viagra de la Selva, etc. At night we enter the jungle exploring on foot the deep forest loaded with full adrenaline in search of nocturnal creatures such as insects, birds and reptiles.Overnight at the LodgeDay 2Early in the day we will go by boat to the ecosystem of the Yanayacu river basin. We will explore this magical area rich in fauna, whose species are hawks, herons, kingfishers and the Hoatzin, also known as "Shansho", a bird with prehistoric characteristics, as well as large varieties of medicinal plants such as "tree bread", "ojé", the "sachajergón" and the well-known "gato de gato". But undoubtedly the giant flora is the one that causes the greatest admiration, among them the most impressive and impressive the "Lupuna" (Ceiba Pentandra) tree guardian par excellence of the forest of robust body that can surpass the 50 meters of height. We will also observe the aquatic plants "Victoria Regia", a floating leaf that can exceed a meter and a half in diameter. In addition, with a little luck we will observe monkeys and sloth bears in their habitat. In the afternoon we go to a strategic area to do our fishing using native techniques and you will have the opportunity to live a different swimming experience. Overnight at the LodgeDay 3Excursion through the jungle in the morning where you can observe the beautiful sunrise and listen to the transition of the dark symphonic sound that gives way to the sunrise. In the afternoon we went to the "Morphosapi" butterfly farm, a lepidoptera concentration center not only for exhibition but also for production located within the town of San Rafael. At the exit of the Lodge to the city of Iquitos, we will visit the indigenous tribe "Los Yahuas", where we will be one more in the tribe dancing their typical dances, Gangs and Turusayas, and using their wind weapon known as Cerbatana or Pucuna. Here we will test our aim. Transfer to the airport / hotel and end of service.

$340 Day Trips & Excursions

The Amazon Wonder 4Days 3 Nights - Amazon Wonder Expeditions

DAY 1 • 9.00AM Departure from Amazon Wonder Expeditions office• Transfer to the port of Bellavista Nanay. • We will visit the typical market of Bellavista Nanay, where we will observe the fruits and the typical foods of the jungle such as the aguaje, the suri edible worm, the juanes, varieties of fish, etc. • We will board our boat. • We will start from the Nanay River where the confluence of the rivers and the difference of the colors of the waters are observed. • We will navigate through the longest and mightiest river of our planet the MAJESTUOUS AMAZONAS Natural wonder of the World. • Visit to "Fundo Pedrito" located on the banks of the immense AMAZONAS River where we will appreciate the Piranhas, Caymans, turtles, Victoria Regia, the largest aquatic plant in the jungle, water Lillies. The famous Paiches (Arapaina Gigas) the largest fish in the Amazon. • Visit to the Monkey Island, where up to 8 varieties of primates are observed in their Natural Habitat such as Spider Monkey, Woolly Monkey, Titi Monkey, Tamarin Monkey, Pygmy-Marmoset Monkey, Howler Monkey, Squirrel Monkey, Monk saki Monkey. In addition we will see macaws and sloths. A very attractive place where Children and Adults interact and learn more about these jungle species • Nocturnal expedition to observe fireflies, beetles, frogs, tarantulas, snakes, monkeys and nocturnal birds. DAY 2 • Sunrise Tour 5.30am, sunrise and bird watching. (optional ) •waking to the jungle to observe the flora and fauna such as monkeys, birds, insects,etc. And a large variaty of Medicinal Plants •Visit to the Yaguas Native community, one of the oldest communities in the Amazon, whre we will participate of their ancestral customs, exotic dances and crafts.DAY 3Fullday Yanayacu River, exploration of its black waters, its biodiversity, rich flora and fauna of its primary forest. (Different species of birds, sloths, monkeys, etc). • Walk to the jungle to observe different species of animals in their habitat such as monkeys, birds, insects, etc. And a great variety of medicinal plants. • Observation of the giant tree called "Lupuna" or "Ceiba Petandra" DAY 4 • Visit to the community of San Rafael, where we will appreciate the lifestyle of the villigers such as hunting, fishing, agriculture, etc.• Visit to The Butterfly Farm, where we will see the lifecycle of the most representative species of the forest, the whole process of metamorphosis •Visit the Trapiche (handmade cane rum factory)• Search for Pink or Gray Dolphins. • Return to the city.

$80 Outdoor Activities

Waterfalls and Farmers Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Balneario La Cazuela, San Rafael, Antioquia DepartmentWe will visit and swim in a 3 floor waterfallDuration: 1 hour

$190 Day Trips & Excursions

Full on Nature - Rio Claro Tour

ItineraryDay 1: From Guatape via the Mountain Dirt Roads towards Cañon de Rio ClaroPass By: Balneario La Cazuela, San Rafael, Antioquia DepartmentWe will drive through small mountain roads and pass waterfalls and LandscapesMeals included: • Lunch: We will have typical colombian Lunch in San Carlos • Dinner: The dinner will be served at Rio ClaroAccommodation included: We sleep in the natural reserve Rio Claro. Day 2: Cruise back through the mountains and climb the 1500m altitude towards GuatapeStop At: Aventura Cocorna, Cocorna, Antioquia DepartmentOptional on the way back we can paraglide in the awesome valley of cocornaDuration: 1 hourMeals included: • Breakfast: Will be served in Rio Claro • Lunch: There are two options- We have Lunch at Rio Claro right before we drive back - We have Lunch in Cocorna No accommodation included on this day.

$45.86 Tours & Sightseeing

Downhill Bike tour to secret waterfall (San Rafael)

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Guatape Dam, Guatape, Antioquia DepartmentThe tour starts with a first challenging hour by bike (level 6/10) to get to the top of the mountain in Guatape. the second hour is the thrilling downhill part on the main road to San Rafael. We then go for a quick plunge in cristal clear water before heading to the hike. We ll then hike for 40 minutes to reach the secret waterfall (level 3/10). After 1h of swiming, jumping and relaxing around the waterfall, a light snack will be provided. We then go back to the bike for another 30 minutes of up and down ride to reach San Rafael for the lunch (soup, juice, main meal). After lunch, we ll come back to Guatape on the back of a pig truck with the bikes (or by bus if it rains).

$85 Day Trips & Excursions

Excursion to Atuel Canyon and San Rafael (from Mendoza)

The visit to Atuel Canyon and San Rafael CityFrom your hotel, pick up to start a wonderful full day tour to Atuel Canyon and San Rafael, the second more important city in Mendoza Province. Tour toward southern lands, visit Luján, Tunuyán, San Carlos and San Rafael, which is about 230 km from Mendoza City. We will visit the island of Diamante River and Cañón del Atuel River, and incredible combination of colors and shapes that can be seen on the rocky walls, by erosion effects.  In Valle Grande dam, the mountain beauty will allows us to discover on its hillside rock formations as El Fantastma, Valle de los Monjes Perdidos, Mesa de las Brujas etc. Later will arrive at the hydroelectric central “El Nihuil”. Return to Mendozacity. Departure: Thursday – Sunday Departure time: pick up starts at 07.00 hs Duration: full day/ validity all the year