Must-see attractions in The Accursed Mountains

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    Rozafa Fortress


    With spectacular views over the city and Lake Shkodra, the Rozafa Fortress is the most impressive sight in town. Founded by the Illyrians in antiquity and…

  • Marubi National Photography Museum


    The Marubi Museum is a one-of-a-kind Albanian photographic museum. The core of the collection is the impressive work of the Marubi 'dynasty', Albania's…

  • Blue Eye


    A superb half-day hike from Theth is to the Blue Eye, a natural pool of turquoise waters fed by a small waterfall, up in the mountains to the southwest of…

  • Site of Witness & Memory Museum


    During the communist period this building, which started life as a Franciscan seminary, was officially used as the Shkodra headquarters of the Ministry of…

  • Kulla


    A visit to this fascinating 400-year-old 'lock-in tower' gives you an idea of the life those condemned by their family ties would lead as they waited,…

  • Theth Church


    This late-19th-century stone-and-shingle church looks incredible in silhouette against the mountains that surround it, topped as it is with a rustic…

  • Rozafa Fortress Museum


    The small museum inside the Rozafa Fortress is worth a look for anyone interested in the history of the fortress and town and covers the neolithic period…

  • Ebu Bekr Mosque


    Known more commonly to locals as the Great Mosque, this impressive centrepiece to the city actually dates from the 18th century, but was fully renovated…

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