Top ChoiceJewellery in Harare

Patrick Mavros

His clients may include Bruce Springsteen, Kate Middleton and the king of Spain, but Patrick Mavros' stunning handmade silver jewellery is very affordable. The shop has a spectacular setting, overlooking a...

Arts & Crafts in Harare

Doon Estate

A few kilometres east of town, Doon Estate is known for its galleries, cafes and souvenir shops. Sadly these days it's a shadow of its former self (many places have closed due to soaring rents), so it's no longer...

Arts & Crafts in Harare


Set in a homely showroom on a residential property, this Dutch-owned shop has an attractive range of furniture, art, hand-painted porcelain and Shona wooden stools, 90% of which is produced by local artists. It's...

Art in Harare

Chapungu Village

Part of the Doon Estate complex, Chapungu has long been one of Harare's best places for Shona sculpture – one of the best things to buy in Zimbabwe. It comprises a collective of 16 artists, each with their own...

Arts & Crafts in Harare


One of Harare's best spots for crafts, hand-painted ceramics and original paintings by local artists, plus cool clothes and Zimbabwean publications.

Market in Harare

Mbare Market

Harare, sleepy? Not in the hectic Mbare area where this infamous market has a heady mix of fresh produce and random goods. It's the curios that bring most tourists here – there's a big collection of Shona...

Mall in Harare

Eastgate Centre

Known for its eco design that allows air flow based on termite mound technology, this mall offers a more local-style shopping experience without the usual chain stores. Upstairs has fast-food restaurants doing...

Arts & Crafts in Harare

Dendera Gallery

This well-presented gallery within Doon Estate has quality Zimbabwean and African crafts, many of which are antiques. There are also masks, jewellery, baskets, textiles, wooden carvings and paintings.

Market in Harare

Avondale Flea Market

On top of the old car park at the back of Avondale Shopping Centre, this daily flea market predominantly sells clothing but is also worth a browse for local music, crafts and secondhand books.

Books in Harare

Book Bazaar

A small bookstore with a good collection of wildlife books, which are worth a look if you're going on safari. It also stocks a decent range of magazines and interesting braai (barbecue) cookbooks.

Shopping Centre in Harare

Avondale Shopping Centre

A handy location for those staying at the nearby backpackers, with supermarkets, banks, mobile phone stores, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Sports & Outdoors in Harare

OK Mart

If you've come without gear, this supermarket sells tents and other camping supplies.

Art in Harare

Verandah Gallery

An informal set-up in a private residence, Verandah Gallery is a good spot to purchase original pieces by Zimbabwean artists. It's also popular for beautiful hand-painted items such as gift cards, wrapping paper...

Shopping Centre in Harare

Sam Levy's Village

A popular shopping complex frequented by well-to-do locals. It has decent restaurants, cafes, a cinema and pubs. A flea market is held here on Sundays from 9am to 3pm.

Arts & Crafts in Harare

Newlands Art & Craft Market

Spread out along the side of the road, this market comprises vendors selling metal and stone Shona sculpture among other handicrafts.