Muir Woods National Monument

Forest in Marin County

Image by Matt Lydy Five Hundred Pixels

Wander among an ancient stand of the world's tallest trees in 550-acre Muir Woods. The shortest option, the 1-mile Main Trail Loop, is a gentle walk alongside Redwood Creek to the 1000-year-old trees at Cathedral Grove; it returns via Bohemian Grove, where the tallest tree in the park stands 258ft high. It's a good 2-mile hike up to the top of the aptly named Cardiac Hill to reach the Dipsea Trail.

Come midweek to avoid crowds; otherwise, arrive early morning or late afternoon.

Access to the park is via shuttle bus from various parking sites (reservation is required; bookable via the official website). You can also walk down into Muir Woods by taking trails from the Panoramic Hwy, such as the Bootjack Trail from the Bootjack picnic area, or from Mt Tamalpais’ Pantoll Station and Pantoll Campground, eventually joining the Ben Johnson Trail.