Must-see attractions in Odesa

  • Prymorsky Boulevard, Odesa's elegant tree-lined promenade

    Prymorsky Boulevard


    Odesa's elegant facade, this tree-lined, clifftop promenade was designed to enchant the passengers of arriving boats with the neoclassical opulence of its…

  • Three men walking down Potemkin Steps.

    Potemkin Steps


    Fresh from a controversial renovation, which changed its original outlook, the Potemkin Steps lead down from bul Prymorsky to the sea port. Pause at the…

  • Odesa's main commercial street, pedestrian vul Derybasivska

    Vul Derybasivska


    Odesa's main commercial street, pedestrian vul Derybasivska is jam-packed with restaurants, bars and, in the summer high season, tourists. At its quieter…

  • The Museum of Odesa Modern Art, the main base of Odesa biennale

    Museum of Odesa Modern Art


    The war in the east and regular political strife give Ukrainian artists a lot of here-and-now material to reflect on, and the result is often brilliant,…

  • The Odesa Opera & Ballet Theatre building, designed in the 1880s

    Odesa Opera & Ballet Theatre


    The jewel in Odesa's architectural crown was designed in the 1880s by the architects who also designed the famous Vienna State Opera, namely Ferdinand…

  • Route of Health


    The dystopian Soviet name has stuck to this 5.5km stretch of sandy, rocky and concrete beaches that form the city's recreational belt. Packed like a…

  • The two atlantes holding a sphere on the art nouveau facade of Falz-Fein House

    Falz-Fein House


    City tours inevitably stop near this portly art nouveau house with two atlantes holding a sphere dotted with stars, a depiction of the universe as if seen…

  • The statue of poet Alexander Pushkin beside Odesa's Pushkin Museum

    Pushkin Museum


    This is where Russia's greatest poet, Alexander Pushkin, spent his first weeks in Odesa after being exiled from St Petersburg in 1823 by the tsar for…

  • Lanzheron Beach


    Perhaps to copy Brighton Beach, New York – where half of Odesa seems to have emigrated – the authorities built a boardwalk at the beach closest to the…

  • Odesa's opulently decorated Passazh shopping arcade



    The opulently decorated Passazh shopping arcade is the best-preserved example of the neorenaissance architectural style that permeated Odesa in the late…

  • The Odesa Fine Arts Museum, located in a former palace

    Odesa Fine Arts Museum


    Located in the former palace of Count Pototsky, this museum has an impressive collection of Russian and Ukrainian art, including a few seascapes by master…

  • The statue of José de Ribas, who built Odesa's harbour

    José de Ribas Statue


    José de Ribas, the half-Catalan, half-Irish illustrious gentleman who built Odesa's harbour, is honoured with a statue at the eastern end of vul…

  • The statue of Duc de Richelieu, Odesa's first governor

    Duc de Richelieu Statue


    At the top of the Potemkin Steps on bul Prymorsky you'll find the statue of Duc de Richelieu, Odesa's first governor, looking like a Roman in a toga.

  • History of Odesa Jews Museum


    Less than 2% of people call themselves Jewish in today's Odesa – against 44% in the early 1920s – but the resilient and humorous Jewish spirit still…

  • The neoclassical edifice of Odesa's Archaeology Museum

    Archaeology Museum


    Occupying a purpose-built, neoclassical edifice in the historical heart of the city, this half-renovated museum contains a fairly rich collection of…

  • A beautiful detail of the facade of Museum of Western & Eastern Art in Odesa

    Museum of Western & Eastern Art


    This mid-19th-century palace houses a collection that's both rich and eclectic – apt for a cosmopolitan port city like Odesa. Classical Italian and Dutch…

  • The colonnaded City Hall on Odesa's bul Prymorsky

    City Hall


    Located at the eastern end of bul Prymorsky, the pink-and-white colonnaded City Hall originally served as the stock exchange. The cannon here is a war…

  • The gigantic Preobrazhensky Cathedral on Odesa's pl Soborna

    Preobrazhensky Cathedral


    Leafy pl Soborna is the site of the gigantic, newly rebuilt Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration) Cathedral, which was Odesa's most famous and important church…

  • Arkadia Beach


    Reconstructed to resemble the glitzy resorts across the sea in Turkey, Odesa's main fun zone shines like a mini Las Vegas and remains crowded with…

  • Panteleymonivska Church


    Near the train station you can't help but spy the five silver onion domes of this Russian Orthodox church, built by Greek monks with stone from…

  • Vorontsov Palace


    The semiderelict Vorontsov Palace, at the western end of bul Prymorsky, was the residence of the city's third governor. It was built in 1826 in a…

  • Pushkin Statue


    Odesa's most photographed monument, the statue of Alexander Pushkin, stands in front of the City Hall on pl Dumska. The plaque reads 'To Pushkin – from…