Must-see attractions in Istanbul

  • B
    Bebek Mosque

    This small mosque in the park to the east of the ferry dock was designed by noted architect Kemaleddin Bey in 1912.

  • C
    Cihangir Mosque

    A city landmark, this baroque-style mosque was built in 1874 and has recently been renovated.

  • Y
    Yedikule Zindanlari

    One of İstanbul’s historic landmarks, this fortress has a history as substantial as its massive but now sadly dilapidated structure. It dates from the…

  • T
    Taksim Meydanı

    Named after the 18th-century stone taksim (water storage unit) on its western side, this square is the symbolic heart of modern İstanbul. Hardly a triumph…

  • K
    Kız Kulesi

    İstanbul is a maritime city, so it's appropriate that one of its most distinctive landmarks is on the water. The tower, which has an observation deck,…

  • S
    Sultanahmet Archaeological Park

    Excavations here have uncovered parts of the Great Palace of Byzantium. The park has been closed for restoration for almost a decade, with no signs of it…

  • A
    Ağa Hamamı

    The oldest hamam in the city, this Çukurcuma landmark was built in 1454 and renovated by order of Sultan Abdülmecid I in 1844. We don't recommend that…

  • R
    Republic Monument

    This monument in the middle of Taksim Meydanı was designed by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica. It commemorates the Turkish War of Independence and the…

  • F
    Firuz Ağa Mosque

    Local life in Cihangir gravitates around this 19th-century green-and-white mosque, with plenty of cafes, teahouses and eateries in the immediate area. It…

  • H
    Hocapaşa Mosque

    This late 16th-century mosque, rebuilt in the 1860s and renovated in the 1960s, was originally constructed by Hacı Üveys bin Kevser, a governor and…

  • Ü
    Üç Horan Ermeni Kilisesi

    Dating from 1838, this Armenian church is hidden behind massive black doors on the eastern (Taksim) side of the Fish Market. Visitors can enter when the…

  • Ç
    Çardaklı Hamam

    In the residential neighbourhood of Küçük Ayasofya, this hamam dating to 1503 is now a ruin.