Must-see restaurants in Chanthaburi

  • Chanthorn


    This welcoming family-run restaurant-shop one street west of the waterfront is a great place to try local specialities; the chamung leaves with pork and…

  • Koff House


    Part bakery-cafe, part swanky restaurant, riverside Koff is a sophisticated sort of place that contrasts sharply with the old town on the other side of…

  • Tamajun Restaurant


    The most sophisticated of the riverside restaurants, Tamajun has elegant vintage-style decor and coveted tables hanging over the water. Live crooner bands…

  • 786 Muslim Restaurant


    In among all the Chanthaburi gem dealers, this restaurant run by Thai Muslims is worth a stop for its excellent paratha, biryani, curries, meatballs and…

  • Fruit Stalls


    Chanthaburi is famed for its fruit. Roadside fruit stalls line Th Sukhumvit 3km northeast of the city (you'll pass them on the way in to Chanthaburi), and…

  • Jay Pen Yentafo


    Pink-coloured noodle soup combined with crab has given this temple restaurant in the Wat Phai Lom precinct a great reputation with locals.

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