Must-see attractions in Tahiti

  • P

    You'll need a guide to find Tahiti's best preserved petroglyphs deep on the Te Pari coast and accessible only on foot or by boat.

  • M
    Marina Taina

    The elegant Marina Taina is a trendy spot featuring restaurants, bars, two diving centres and, of course, lots of yachts.

  • P
    Plage du PK23.5

    This rather wide (by Tahiti standards) beach is popular with families and has public facilities. The sand is white-grey.

  • V
    Vaipoiri Cave

    Popular day trip from Teahupoo. Walk into blackness till your eyes adjust then swim to the back through the icy waters.

  • P
    Plage du Mahana Park

    Plage du Mahana Park has calm waters and a snorkelling reef close to shore. On weekends there are kayaks for hire.

  • A
    Anaihe Cave

    A gem of a cave accessible only by foot or boat, looking out over a wild stretch of reef-free coast.

  • O
    Olivier Creations

    Pape’ete is home to a number of art galleries. Olivier Creations is recommended.

  • Q
    Queen's Cave

    Waves move in and out of this hidden cave from the coast. It's like a natural (not hot) hot tub.

  • P
    Plage de Toaroto

    This narrow stretch of white coral sand is suitable for swimming and has public facilities.

  • G
    Gallerie Winkler

    Gallerie Winkler has an interesting mix of etchings, paintings and crockery.

  • H
    Hitiaa Lava Tubes

    Three long cave lava tubes that make for a very wet and adventurous hike (guide mandatory).

  • T
    Taravao Lookout

    View over the bucolic plateaus of Taravao to the blue coastlines and towering Tahiti Nui.

  • M
    Marae Anapua

    Another beautifully restored archaeological site, Marae Anapua is worth a gander.

  • L

    Impressive 1867 towering lighthouse right next to Point Venus's beach.

  • M

    Ancient site accessible only on foot.