Santuario de la Misericordia

Church in Central Aragón

The Santuario de la Misericordia, a 15th-century shrine near Borja, 23km southeast of Tarazona, attracted worldwide attention in 2012 after an 81-year-old amateur artist botched the restoration of a 20th-century painting of Christ called Ecce Homo. The result (subsequently dubbed 'potato Jesus') went viral on the internet, an incident which, ironically, has brought the area a welcomed boom in tourism. Visitors still flock to view the painting, which has been reproduced on advertising banners and copied by pop artists.

The santuario occupies a pleasant hillside perch 6km outside Borja, and while here you can look into the adjoining El Caserón, a 16th-century hostel for visitors to the shrine, and pick up a Ecce Homo T-shirt or jigsaw or even a bottle of Ecce Homo wine (DO Campo de Borja).