Must see attractions in St Petersburg

  • T

    Three Graces Pavilion

    Late 18th-century sculpture purchased by Alexander I and given as a present to his mother Maria Fyodorovna.

  • P


    A crowdpleaser with the under-12 crowd, the planetarium has shows that explore the wonders of outer space.

  • C

    Concert Hall

    On an island in the middle of a large pond, this concert hall is used for various musical performances.

  • V

    Venus Pavilion

    Down on the lake, the Venus Pavilion juts out into the water and has an elaborately painted interior.

  • O

    Orthodox Academy

    Training centre for Russia's future spiritual leaders. It's generally closed to the public.

  • K

    Krasny Most

    This cast-iron bridge crossing the Moika River is painted red, hence its name in Russian.

  • P

    Pokrovsky Cathedral

    This red-brick building with bright blue domes is an important Gatchina church.

  • M


    This is a small museum of local history inside the Vyborg castle complex.

  • M

    Marble Bridge

    A striking bridge made of Ural marbles that was built in 1774.

  • Kamennoostrovsky Palace

    Catherine the Great built the big, classical Kamennoostrovsky Palace for her son. Today it's a government building that remains closed to the public.

  • O

    Old Yusupov Palace

    Not to be confused with the Yusupov Palace on the Moyka River, this place is closed to the public and is used mainly for official receptions. It makes a…

  • V

    Vaganova School of Choreography

    The Mariinsky Ballet’s training school, where Pavlova, Nijinsky, Nureyev and others learned their art. It's not open to the public.