Must-see shopping in Russian Far East

  • GUM


    This once deeply Soviet department store has recently undergone full refurbishment and is now Vladivostok's best place to shop. It's also housed in the…

  • Flotsky Univermag


    For unusual souvenir turf, follow the navy – this outfitter has those cute blue-and-white-striped navy undershirts and other navy and military gear, as…

  • Kuday Bakhsy


    In the old city, this is the best place in town to browse for crafts and souvenirs. You'll find mammoth tusk carvings, leather slippers, reindeer boots…

  • Alpindustriya


    This is a one-stop shop for all your outdoor gear and the perfect spot to pick up anything you may have forgotten before setting out into the wilderness…

  • Tainy Remesla


    This is the best souvenir shop in town, located in the old House of Pioneers building.