Best restaurants in Russian Far East

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Vladivostok

    Kvartira 30

    This fantastic treasure is hidden away in an extremely unlikely location amid a hilltop housing estate. Run by the charming Olga Gurskaya, who also uses the space to run cookery classes, Kvartira 30 offers some of the most interesting and innovative Russian food in the city: the aubergines marinated in lemon juice and chilli with toasted rye bread were a revelation. With only five tables, it's a good idea to reserve for the evenings. Don't miss the zefir dessert, a kind of local marshmallow made from blueberries. To find it, it's best to start from Okeansky pr, where the entrance to the street is just a staircase through some trees that becomes a residential street. Head up the road and look for the yellow neoclassical building on the left: the restaurant is to the left-hand side of that.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Vladivostok


    A stylish welcoming place, this two-floor restaurant-lounge is decked out in an elaborate but classy Angkor Wat theme, replete with a massive black granite bar perfect for lingering with drinks. The real attraction here is the mouthwatering pan-Asian cooking (sushi, dumplings, stir-fries), plus creative salads, rack of lamb and a fabulous seafood selection.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Sakhalin Island

    The Soho

    Inside a small but fancy mall, this upscale minimalist place is unashamedly aimed at an international crowd, with English-speaking waitresses and an iPad menu that allows you to see each imaginative dish. These include gorgeously presented fare such as tuna carpaccio, lamb cutlets in a curry and coconut sauce, and roasted king crab with hollandaise.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Vladivostok


    In a courtyard in the heart of Vladivostok is this smart and appealing two-floor restaurant and lounge bar that attracts a young, well-heeled and in-the-know crowd. There's an enormous picture menu with everything from breakfasts and business lunches to seafood and pizzas; the elaborately gorgeous upstairs bar has to be seen to be believed.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Vladivostok


    Staffed by waitresses from nearby North Korea who periodically break out into karaoke, this unique establishment is just strange enough to be considered a must-visit. You can pick from a photo menu of excellent food such as bibimbap (rice mixed with fried egg, sliced meat and other ingredients) and spicy fried pork with kimchi.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Khabarovsk

    Muscat Whale

    This gorgeous, chic, yet pleasantly unfussy, place is currently our top choice for a meal in Khabarovsk. The large and luminous space has white-tiled walls, painted brick and lots of wooden fittings, while its menu boasts wonderful fresh salads, scrumptious pizzas, innovative meat dishes and a huge dessert list.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Yakutsk

    Kvartira na Prospekte

    This fun place makes a noble effort to resemble a babushka's living room, which is no mean feat since it moved to bigger premises and is now housed inside a thoroughly modern building. The menu remains excellent and inventive with dishes such as quinoa salad, couscous and Caesar salad with salmon.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Yakutsk

    Chochur Muran

    In a Cossack-style lodge filled with antiques, Chochur Muran is an atmospheric and fun lunch stop if you are heading out to the nearby Permafrost Kingdom. It’s the best place around to try Sakha delicacies such as stroganina (frozen raw chyr, a white fish common in Arctic rivers), zherebyatiny (fillet of colt meat) and reindeer.

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    In the old town, Makhtal is one of Yakutsk's most atmospheric options, with thick log walls adorned with traditional tapestries and handsomely attired waitstaff gliding about in broad-shouldered tunics and long flowing robes. Downstairs there's a cheap and informal cafeteria, while upstairs it's a Yakut feast with dishes including horse meat in caramel and indigirka (raw, frozen fish).

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Vladivostok

    Food Like Food

    While it might sound like a fast-food joint, this charming little white-painted basement restaurant is anything but. The menu takes in classical Russian cooking, but presents dishes with an original twist, such as aubergines in oyster sauce or salmon in green pea purée. Staff are exceptionally engaged and knowledgeable, and cute Russian knick-knacks adorn the walls.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

    San Marino

    When you're just back from a hard trek, San Marino is Petropavlovsk’s best splash for an excellent, exotic meal of Kamchatka crab, scallops, halibut and other delicacies. The entire place is lacy and flouncy, but don't let its severe uncoolness put you off. If you want to keep things economical, try the excellent-value business lunch (R400, noon to 4pm).

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Yakutsk


    Georgia's culinary colonisation of even the farthest-flung parts of Russia continues apace, and this gorgeous place is easily one of Yakutsk's best dining options (should you tire of frozen fish). Attentive staff look after you in this bright and breezy place, with a pictorial and English menu, making navigating the Georgian dish names a breeze.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

    Da Vinci

    Considered to have the best food in town by many locals, Da Vinci offers a full menu of Italian delicacies, including sumptuous risottos, crab ravioli, osso bucco and vitello tonnato (sliced veal in a creamy tuna sauce). The best wine list in town and attentive service from English-speaking waitstaff puts it over the edge.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Sakhalin Island

    Nihon Mitai

    Yuzhno’s favourite sushi spot is a bit out of the centre, but the very cool bamboo loft dining room is a great choice for soba noodles and ramen and picking from the sushi conveyor belt after 7pm. The ground floor has a small grocer with some Japanese products.

  • Restaurants in Eastern Bam

    Shinok Pervach

    A local institution, Shinok Pervach is considered by locals to be the best restaurant in town. It serves up tasty grilled fish, roast meats and zingy salads (try the beetroot, walnut and prune for its subtle spice). The chunky wooden tables and circular dining room festooned maypole-style with ribbons bestow a certain peasant chic to the place. Despite its address, it's actually located just off pr Internatsionalny.

  • Restaurants in Khabarovsk


    Despite its fairly unhelpful location in a rather sterile business centre, Satsivi is fiercely popular and puts on a good show of being a traditional Georgian restaurant. Named after a delicious chicken in walnut sauce dish popular in Georgia, Satsivi is a winner and boasts Khabarovsk's best Georgian cooking. The summer terrace is a great alternative to the rather dark main dining room.

  • Restaurants in Yakutsk

    Tygyn Darkhan

    Though the atmosphere is lacking, Tygyn Darkhan is the place to score Sakha specialities in the centre. Try indigirka ( frozen raw chyr and onions – a bit like eating frozen fish in a ball of snow) and Darkhan pelmeni (horsemeat dumplings), washed down with a glass of kumiss and topped off with whipped cream and foxberries.

  • Restaurants in Khabarovsk


    Another progressive place with an interesting and pleasingly unusual menu. Farsh dubs itself a gastrobar, but is really more of a fusion place with dishes such as Armenian tortillas filled with cheese, boiled pork salad with grapes in mustard sauce, and shrimp and squid wontons all on the menu. The stripped-down, white-painted walls give it a minimalist feel.

  • Restaurants in Vladivostok

    Brothers Bar & Grill

    This rather stylish steak and grill house is worth seeking out for its excellent food, English menu and convivial staff. There's a lovely summer terrace and top-notch cocktail bar in the backyard, while the main dining room is distinctly dark and moody. There's an impressive selection of steaks, seafood, pizza and even a whisky-glazed burger to delight in.

  • Restaurants in Khabarovsk


    Vdrova comes with whimsically dressed Italian-style 'animators' who welcome you loudly, and sing, prance and shout throughout your meal in joyous waves of distraction perfect for anyone who doesn't have much to say to their dinner partner. The pizzas are some of the best in town though, and while many will hate the forced bonhomie, it can be a lot of fun.