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Snagov has an even bigger claim to fame: a small island at the northern end of the lake holds a fine monastery that also happens to be the reputed final resting place of none other than Vlad Ţepeş (aka 'Vlad the Impaler'), the legendarily brutal Wallachian prince who served as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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Snagov and Mogosoaia Palace Private Day Tour from Bucharest

We make our escape for a half day from the busy streets of Bucharest. Unknown even to some people born and raised here there are some hidden gems just a few miles outside city limits.Leaving Bucharest we travel to the Palace of Mogosoaia. A retreat made for the rulers of the Romanians, in a pure Romanian style called Brancovenesc. It is a quiet and majestic place where you will feel like going back in time.Next, we take a short drive to the Snagov Monastery which is believed to be the resting place of the body of Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula. The monastery itself is on an island in the middle of the Snagov Lake offering great views over the surrounding area.

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Bucharest and Beyond Private Full-Day Tour

We will pick you up from the hotel and then start exploring Bucharest and its surroundings: Visit the Village Museum – second largest outdoor museum in Europe where you will see a small part of the traditional Romanian life from centuries ago We will pass by The Arch of Triumph to arrive on the enchanting Victoria Avenue – the oldest boulevard in the city, then onto Revolution Square and later at University Square, two landmarks of Romanians’ fighting for their freedom. On December 1989, the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu addressed the Romanian people for the last time from the balcony of the Central Committee Building Discover more historical buildings and monuments including the National Art Museum located in the former Royal Palace, the Romanian Atheneum, an iconic concert hall and Kretzulescu church, built in Brancovenesc style A relaxed walk in the Old Town area will allow you to discover other historic buildings including Stavropoleos Church, History Museum, and National Bank of Romania. We can stop for lunch at one of the traditional and most popular beer houses in Bucharest in Old Town In the Old Town area we will visit the Old Court - the residence of Vlad The Impaler (the inspiration for Bram Stocker's Dracula), Princely Church, the oldest church in Bucharest and Manuc’s Inn, one of the oldest and best known inns in Bucharest Visit inside of the Palace of Parliament – second largest administrative building in the world, designed by a team of 700 architects. It holds the record for the most expensive administrative building ever built (around 3 billion EURO) and the heaviest one. Inside a guided visit tour is available The Surroundings of Bucharest will complete the private tour, including Visit inside of the Mogosoaia Palace - built by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu between 1698 -1702 in what is called the Romanian Renaissance style or Brâncovenesc style which was inspired by Italian Renaissance with baroque and oriental influences. Visit inside of the Snagov Monastery - one of the strongest fortified churches in the Middle Ages, the medieval monument situated on an island in the northern part of Snagov Lake houses the tomb of the dreaded ruler Vlad the Impaler known as Dracula, according to legend. Bonus part of the tour - a nice surprise awaits, the only car exhibition in the world with all the six pre-1972 Rolls Royce Phantom cars! The newest car is a 2014 Ferrari sitting next to other famous models such as a 1987 Testarossa, a 1972 Dino 246 GT, and many more. The car exhibition is opened for public only Friday-Sunday.

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Bucharest-Dracula's Tomb and Mogosoaia Palace

The 4 hours trip includes visits to Snagov Monastery with Dracula's Tomb(located on a island on Snagov Lake)and Mogosoaia Palace(1916).       Snagov MonasteryA century after the church was built(1364),Vlad Tepes(Dracula) built the fortress's walls and dungeon.A slab on the floor of the church marks the grave with the presumed remains of the Count.The monastery,located  on a island on the far side of the lake,could only be accesed by boat,making it a great place and a terrible prison.The first book in Romanian written in Latin alphabet were printed here.        Mogosoaia PalaceBuilt by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu,between 1698 and 1702 as a summer residence,the palace is the perfect proof of the Brancovenesc architectural style,with staircase balconies,arcades and columns.On the façade towards the lake,the palace displays a superb Venetian-style loggia and a balcony with Brancovenesc carvings overlooking the main courtyard.Today,the palace houses is named Brancoveanu Musesum

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5 Breakfasts with Dracula, Carpathian Garden

Day 1. Bucharest–Bran–Brasov Departure to Brasov, one of the most visited cities in Romania. We stop in Sinaia – the most important resort in Romania. We can visit Peles Castel.After lunch we are heading to one of the most important place linked to Dracula legend – the Dracula castle in Bran.The castle owes its fame to the legend refers to the figure of Vlad Tepes–Dracula. After we visit Bran Castle we are heading Brasov for accommodation, a short walking tour and dinner. Overnight at the 3* hotel near Brasov Day 2. Brasov–Sighisoara Today we are focusing on the historical character “Vlad the Impaler”. We will track his steps in history for a better understanding his personality. There is no better place than the old Middle Age citadel of Sighisoara for this. Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this perfectly intact 16th century gem with nine towers, cobbled streets, burgher houses and ornate churches. it also preserve the birth house of Vlad Tepes.In Sighisoara we will visit the Clock Tower, the Weapons Museum and the Torture Museum, as well as other objectives which transformed Sighisoara in a world heritage.Dinner and overnight at 3* hotel in Sighisoara.Day 3. Sighisoara–Sibiu We are heading for Sibiu–important touristic city in Romania, as it was selected to be the European Cultural City in 2007.We will also visit on the way, Turda Salt Mine and the city of Alba Iulia. Stroll through the bohemian Sibiu, you can see houses with their soiled facades, their ingots of iron that advertise vintage shops. We will also visit the Great and Small Square, the Orthodox Cathedral, the stairs passage, as the famous Liars’ Bridge. Dinner and overnight at the 3* hotel in Sibiu.Day 4 Sibiu –Poienari–Targoviste–Bucharest We wil be visiting two other objectives related to the historical character Vlad the Impaler–his Princely Court in Targoviste and Poienari fortress. From Sibiu we will cross the mountains in Wallachia on the “most beautiful road in the world–Transfagarasan”**. You will admire the beauty of the nature and one of the most impressive roads*.We will stop at Balea Lake(alt.2000m) and at Vidraru Dam,before visiting Poienari Fortress.Visitors need to climb a 1,462 steps stair to get to the old citadel, but the view from above worths every step. From Poienari we will visit the Princely Court of Targoviste–which served as the capital of Walachia, where Vlad ruled and return to Bucharest for a farewell dinner.Accommodation at the 3* Hotel in Bucharest**this route is available only from July to October, in the summer time. During the cold season, the route will follow the Olt River.Day 5. Bucharest  Snagov Monastery is the last objective, located on a island on Snagov lake. Depending on the time of departure of the aircraft, have free time to get to know the city and doing last minute shopping. Transfer to the airport. 

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Bucharest Surroundings Half Day Tour

At 8:00 a.m. we will start our journey towards the exciting surroundings of Bucharest City. We start our journey with the fascinating Mogoșoaia Palace, placed outside the city, in a beautiful area. The Palace is the best example of Brâncoveanu Architecture, a style very much spread arround Wallachia Region. The Palace was built by the ruler Constantin Brancoveanu in 1702. After the execution of Constantin Brancoveanu in Constantinople in 1714, the palace continues to be own by the family and it was renovated starting with 1912. In the present, the palace hosts the Museum of Brancoveanu Art and it is an important tourist attraction. Then we move on towards one of the most famous sights in Romania and the place where Dracula is supposed to be buried - Sangov Monastery. The Monastery is located on an island in the northern part of Snagov Lake. The monastery was built by Mircea the Elder (the grandfather of the famous Dracula) who made also the first documentary attestation of this church in 1408. During its history, the monastery was rebuilt by Vlad the Impaler and some other rulers of Wallachia. It has been one of the strongest fortified churches and maybe the richest in Wallachia for a long time in the Medieval Period. Afer enjoying this great tour, it is time to head back towards the capital city.The tour ends with drop-off by your hotel in Bucharest.

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7-Day Dracula Tour in Romania from Bucharest including 'The Ritual of Killing of a Living Dead'

Day 1: Bucharest Drive to Snagov to visit Snagov Monastery where,according to the legend,Vlad was buried after his assassination.The monastic establishment is located on a small island of Snagov Lake.Accommodation: 4*hotel centrally locatedMeals: Welcome dinner in one of Bucharest ’s top traditional restaurants Day 2: Bucharest – Targoviste – Sinaia -Brasov (191 km, 3h 48min driving) Morning drive to Targoviste to visit the ruins of Vlad Tepes old court.Continue your journey with Sinaia and explore the main point of attraction,the royal Peles Castle.After dinner attend Dracula’s Wedding,a show set on stage by a professional band of actors Accommodation: 3* hotel centrally located Meals: Breakfast and dinner in a 4* restaurant Day 3: Brasov – Bran – Sighisoara (170 km, 2h 40min driving) Explore Transylvania's symbol, Bran Castle.Your next stop is the Medieval Saxon City of Brasov. We will overnight in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sighisoara Medieval CitadelAccommodation: 3* hotel centrally located , Meals: Breakfast and dinner in Vlad Dracul house,turned today in a cosy restaurant Day 4: Sighisoara - Bistrita (143 km, 2h 30min driving) Stroll around the streets of the old citadel;admire the Clock Tower, concentrating Sighisoara’s history.Next stop is Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass, a 3* hotel which was built in accordance to Bram Stokers imagination.After visiting Dracula’s coffin you’ll enjoy a candle lit dinner at the castle followed by a fire camp nearby, with all the right stories for a night to rememberAccommodation: 3* hotel Meals: Breakfast and Dinner Day 5: Bistrita Citadel - Turda (140 km, 2h 12min driving) Drive to the city of Cluj Napoca to enjoy a city tour revealing beautiful medieval buildings.From Cluj drive to Turda, a small town with an intimate medieval atmosphere.You’ll attend The Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead is followed by an Evening sitting, the Romanian term is SezatoareAccommodation: 4* hotel, often referred to as a medieval fantasy with bedsMeals: Breakfast and vampire menu for dinner Day 6: Turda - Sibiu (139 km, 2h 2min driving) Prepare to descent to the heart of one of the biggest saline in Romania, the Salt Mines of Turda. Drive next to Medias and become acquainted with a unique artist, the only one in the world who uses spider webs for his paintings. Evening in SibiuAccommodation: 4* hotelMeals: Breakfast and Saxon dinner Day 7: Sibiu - Bucharest (274 km, 3h 57min driving) Enjoy a morning visit of Poienari, to visit the ruins of Vlad’s old and faithful fortress, perched high on a cliff, in fact a steep precipice. To visit the impressive fortress and admire the unique and breathless view from the top you’ll need to climb over 1000 stairs.Arrival in Bucharest around 5:00 pmAccommodation: not includedMeals: Breakfast

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