Must see nightlife in Boracay

  • A
    Top Choice
    Area 51 Secret Party Facility

    Apart from having one of the greatest club names ever, Area 51 is (low voice) the only underground party spot on the island. Its schedule is appropriately…

  • E
    Top Choice

    This flashy club with its world-class DJs remains the most popular of the beach discos, and is also known for its Wednesday-night table-football matches…

  • N
    Nigi Nigi Nu Noos

    The legendary Mason jars of Long Island iced tea (two-for-one during happy hour, 5pm to 7pm) and weng weng (rum, gin, tequila, vodka and Cointreau with…

  • E
    Exit Bar

    This driftwood-and-thatch watering hole, which turns into a mini-disco as the night wears on, is popular with old-school expats. As they're a colourful…

  • J
    Jonah's Fruit Shakes

    Amid plenty of competition, Jonah's proudly boasts the best shakes on the island – the avocado and banana mix is sensational. Also has an extensive menu…

  • B
    Bom Bom

    With nightly acoustic, often reggae and bongo-infused live music, laid-back Bom Bom is one of the best spots to kill time between dinner and late-night…

  • S
    Summer Place

    This seething disco is known for staying open the latest, making it White Beach's last call; at times it's a little less savoury for it.

  • W
    White House Beach Lounge

    A shot of Ibiza, this tasteful all-white beach bar, the first north of Station 1, is also the venue for big rave parties in season.

  • C
    Club Paraw

    This large, recently renovated open-air club draws people north of Station 1 to party.

  • P
    Pub Crawl

    Organises pub crawls of big groups all outfitted in complimentary yellow T-shirts.