Must-see restaurants in Bicol

  • Smalltalk Cafe


    This quaint little Albay eatery defines the notion of Bicol fusion cooking and draws in travellers and locals like a tractor beam. The menu covers 'small…

  • Bob Marlin


    Bob Marlin is locally renowned as the best spot in town to chow down on crispy pata (deep-fried pork knuckle). Other Filipino dishes such as inahaws …

  • Geewan


    This Bicolano cafeteria-style joint is justifiably popular with locals thanks to its extensive and inexpensive array of dishes such as lechón (roast…

  • Kim's Bowl


    Open-air Kim's is a classic Filipino garden restaurant where big plates of crispy pata (pork knuckle) are shared among friends, along with bulalo (a rich…

  • 1st Colonial Grill


    This chain grill place has found a new home in the Pacific Mall (and other mall locations around town). It feels a little impersonal but still serves up…

  • Red Labuyo


    It's hard to imagine dining with a better view of Mt Mayon than at this stylish little restaurant right next to Daraga Church. Steps descend into the…

  • Cafe Peloton


    Down on Legazpi's seafront 'Boulevard,' cute little Cafe Peloton does vegan versions of classic Bicolano and Filipino dishes like Bicol exprés and faux…

  • Red Platter


    One of the more upmarket independent restaurants on the Magsaysay strip, Red Platter is semiformal in atmosphere but high quality in presentation. The…

  • Waway Restaurant


    For an authentic experience of Bicol food, Waway is a local institution (often booked with tour groups) for its splendid lunchtime buffet of spicy coconut…

  • Sibid-Sibid


    A wonderful open-air bamboo-and-thatch restaurant 1km north of Legazpi City, Sibid-Sibid specialises in highly original, Bicol-inspired seafood…

  • BARacuda


    One of the few independent restaurants along the resort strip, BARacuda is a popular waterfront hang-out in season with an extensive cocktail and beer…

  • Fernando 168 Bistro


    This restaurant next door to Fernandos Hotel serves excellent Bicolano dishes and freshly grilled seafood.

  • Vista Garden


    This open-air restobar is a great little oasis for a casual meal in the heart of busy Tabaco. Filipino and Bicolano cuisine and cold beer.

  • Naga Garden Restaurant


    Long-standing Naga Garden has a loyal local following, thanks to its tasty toasted siopao (steamed buns) and simple pansit, noodle soups, adobo (chicken,…

  • Bay Sand Food Stop


    At the entrance to the beach, you can relax on solid wooden furniture (as opposed to plastic chairs) under a thatched roof at this breezy restaurant…

  • Hanami Japanese Restaurant


    This elegant Japanese restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Gardenia Hotel delivers with a menu of soups, noodle dishes, sushi and sashimi – a nice change…

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