Kjerringøy Trading Post

Museum in Bodø

At Kjerringøy, some 40km north of Bodø, the entrepreneurial Zahl family established an important trading station in the 19th century. The trading post provided local fishing families with supplies in exchange for their catch. Most of the timber-built structures of this self-contained community have been preserved. The spartan quarters and kitchens of the fishing families contrast with the sumptuous decor of the merchants' housing. There's a 20-minute audiovisual presentation included with admission. Entry to the main building is by guided tour.

Bus 10 connects Bodø and Kjerringøy twice daily. In summer it's possible to squeeze in on the same day a return trip that allows a good 2½ hours of browsing time. Check the current timetable at Bodø's tourist office.

Whether by bus or car, the trip includes the 10-minute ferry crossing between Festvåg and Misten. Along the way, you pass the distinctive profile of Landegode Island, the white sandy beaches at Mjelle (whose car park is some 20 minutes' walk away) and the dramatic peak Steigtind, which rises a few kilometres south of Festvåg.