Must see attractions in Matagalpa

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    Casa Museo Comandante Carlos Fonseca

    Commander Carlos Fonseca, the Sandinista equivalent of Malcolm X (read: bespectacled, goateed, intense, highly charismatic), grew up desperately poor in…

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    Museo Nacional de Café

    This absorbing museum features large, glossy, printed displays in Spanish and English on the roots of modern coffee production in the region, as well as…

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    Foreigners Cemetery

    Graveyard fans should check out both the Foreigners Cemetery (and nearby National Cemetery) on the eastern edge of town, where you'll find great views and…

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    Iglesia San José

    Originally constructed in 1751 and used as a jail for indigenous rebels in the late 1800s, this church was rebuilt in 1917 by Franciscan friars. The…

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    Iglesia Catedral San Pedro

    Built in 1874, Matagalpa's glorious, whitewashed neoclassical cathedral is flooded with light. Inside the sanctuary are a natural wood altar, gorgeous…

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    Iglesia Molagüina

    The 1751 Iglesia Molagüina, in the center of town, is the plainest of Matagalpa's churches, but has nice gardens.