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Travelling soon? Apply at a FedEx office and get your passport in 24 hours

If you need a US passport in a jiffy, you can now apply for it at a FedEx office and get it back in 24 hours.

FedEx has launched a new passport service. Image by AZarubaika/Getty Images

FedEx has launched a new passport service that promises to speed up the passport application process. As of 1 July, customers can walk into any one of FedEx’s 2000 locations across the country and register for a new passport. The service, in partnership with RushMyPassport, includes updated passport photos, rushed new passports or renewals, children’s passports and replacing lost, stolen or damaged passports.

The service promises to speed up the application process… but it’s not cheap. Image by Tetra Images

The service can also be accessed online through FedEx’s website and the company promises that customers will have their updated or new passport within 24 hours, which seems to good to be true and that’s where the catch comes in. The same-day business service costs US$449, on top of the US$170 government fee. So if you want to apply for a passport and get it back within 24 hours, it will set you back a hefty US$629. That’s probably more expensive than your flight but if you’re on a last-minute business trip and need a passport in a hurry, it might be a viable option.

The service can also be accessed online. Image by Westend61/Getty Images

Next-day service (two to three business days) costs US$349, priority service (three to five business days) costs US$249 and the rush service (six to seven business days) is US$169. The cheapest service is the standard service (eight to ten business days), which will set you back US$119 before the government fee. All services include the ability to track the passport throughout the process, government-compliant photos and 24/7 help from passport specialists.