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Ikea wants to send you to Denmark for two weeks to research happiness

What’s the secret to happiness? Pastries? A cosy home? A short working week? The Danes might know and Ikea is sending you there to investigate.

Ikea will send a curious traveller to Copenhagen to discover what makes the Danes happy. Image by ©Muriel de Seze/Getty Images

Ikea Denmark is looking for a curious person with a love for travel to visit Denmark this September to discover what makes the Danes so happy. Denmark is consistently rated as one of world’s happiest countries. That might have something to do with the Danish concept of “hygge,” which refers to anything that creates a cosy atmosphere such as hot chocolate on a winter’s day, a gathering of close friends around a candlelit hearth or a cosy nook at home filled with blankets, cushions and books.

It might also have something to do with the fact that the Danes have the shortest working week in Europe (36 hours) and enjoy free public healthcare, subsidised childcare and cost-free education. Maybe it even has something to do with world-renowned Danish design and architecture? Or even their great street food and beer? You should find out when you get there.

Ikea is looking for someone to set up a temporary home in Copenhagen where they will experience authentic Danish life for two weeks. They’ll receive an average Danish salary, visit other people’s homes through approved guided home tours and enjoy dinners, talks and unlimited meatballs at Ikea’s restaurant. All travel expenses will be covered and organised by Ikea.

A man is being served at Mexican food stall Nomames in Reffen. Image by Ulf Svane/Lonely Planet

The ideal candidate must love travelling and experiencing new cultures. They’ll need to be good with a camera as much of their trip will need to be filmed. You can apply here. The closing date for entries is 1 July and the winner will be announced in mid-July for travel in September.