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Pay what you want based on your experience at this hotel

A new hotel in Colorado Springs is offering up wellness, community and even “fair trade pricing” – allowing guests to pay what they want based on the quality of their experience.

The hotel will allow you to pay based on your experience. Image by SCP Hotel Colorado Springs

Soul Community Planet has opened up the SCP Hotel Colorado Springs, located about an hour-and-a-half’s drive from Denver. With 174 rooms, the hotel also features a fitness center and a co-working space aimed at appealing to “both local entrepreneurs and the ‘digital nomad’ community.”

Inside the double queen bedroom. Image by SCP Hotel Colorado Springs

More and more hotel companies are looking to appeal to young travelers who may otherwise use home-sharing sites with unique amenities like wellness programs and community space. However, SCP Hotel is offering one very unique feature – it’s “fair trade pricing” program. That means that guests can book their room at a “suggested rate”, which the hotel says is generally set at a discount to the prices charged by similar hotels. Currently, the website shows nightly prices at $100, but they can go up to $200 based on the season. After their stay, the guests can let the front desk staff know the rate they feel is fair based on their stay. According to the company, there are “no strings attached” to the program and it is designed to encourage feedback about what they did and didn’t like.

According to the CEO of Soul Community Planet, Ken Cruse, the program is part of company’s core values.  “Through this unique approach to customer empowerment, our guests will not only have complete control over the rate they pay, they will also play a key role in helping us identify areas where we have room to improve.”

The king-size room. Image by SCP Hotel Colorado Springs

This is the company’s first property, but it has plans to expand around the USA. Soul Community Planet wants to create hotels in a “well-located, vintage hotel or motel” and update them with new features like fitness centers and markets with locally sourced foods.