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Go polar bear spotting on Svalbard next summer

Svalbard is a land of glaciers, wilderness and polar bears, but visiting the Norwegian archipelago doesn’t have to mean roughing it.

Nordenskiold Lodge in Norway. Image by Kirsti Ikonen

Travellers looking for something a bit adventurous this summer – without giving up on glamour – can stay in a luxury lodge at the base of an Arctic glacier that is perfect for spotting polar bear. Off The Map Travel has created a new experience on the Norwegian island, which includes staying in the exclusive Nordenskiold Lodge. From there can head out for wildlife spotting –including the incredible animals that the island is known for, polar bears.

While it may seem crazy to head to one of the most northern inhabited islands, summer is actually an ideal time to go, particularly if you want to see wildlife. Guests on this trip will arrive in the town of Longyearbyen, before heading out of a summer dog sledding trip and then joining a guide for a boat expedition around the coast looking for walrus, whales and polar bears, on the way to the lodge. Once travellers are at the lodge, they can continue their adventure with a guided glacier climb, kayaking and more while checking out the scenery. At night, you can relax with food and a trip to the sauna.

Explore the incredible wilderness of the island. Image by Basecamp Explorer

“Summer on Svalbard offers a destination unlike anywhere else on earth. Whether looking to escape the summer heat or simply wanting a special wildlife holiday experience Svalbard is set to be the new luxury adventure holiday destination for 2019,” said Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel.

Polar bear can be spotting on Svalbard. Image by Basecamp Explorer

The tour will be available from May to September and will start at £6599, based on two adults travellers. Find out more at Off the Map Travel