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A new subscription service will let you take three trips a year for £50 a month

If you arrive home from every holiday immediately dreaming of planning the next, then a new subscription for travel might be for you.

BRB will ensure you have a holiday coming up. Image by visualspace/Getty Images

BeRightBack, or BRB, is a new service that will allow UK-based travellers to pay a monthly fee and then go on a city break every four months. As all the trips start from a London airport, travellers will have to be in the city or within access of one of the airports. However, you can list a preference airport and the service will try and fly you out of that one.

Enjoy opening up a card that will tell you exactly where your next holiday will be. Image by BRB

Each trip lasts a total of three days, with two nights of accommodation. Wondering where you will be heading? The destinations are selected by a “team of travel experts” and will be revealed a month before you board the plane. If there are places you’ve already been – or never want to go – you can exclude them from your options. If you know what vibe you want on a vacation, you can choose themes like culture, action, nightlife, beach, good eats, and even #4theGram. The cities available include Vienna, Brussels, Dubrovnik, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Berlin, Athens, Naples and many, many more.

Traditional old buildings in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Image by ©S.Borisov/Shutterstock

Solo travellers take note – if you sign up for the service you won’t have to share a room with a stranger or stay in a hostel. You can also sign up in a pair or couple for a lower fee, or you can “add a friend” last minute and they can pay a one-off price to join you on the adventure. The solo fee is £49.99 per month for four months – equal to £199.96 per person per trip. If you want to book a couple’s trip or with a plus one, the fee is £89.99 per month, and equals £179.98 per person, per trip. For that, you will get a new trip every four months, including return flights, hotels and flexible dates.

While the service is designed to make sure you take three trips a year, you can pause or cancel whenever you want – but you will have to pay off any travel that has been booked. According to the website, the trips are protected by ATOL (Air Travel Organisers License), so you won’t lose money or become stranded abroad if a company collapses.

The scenery of Tallinn, Estonia. Image by ©KavalenkavaVolha/Getty Images

BRB will also soon make it easier to give the gift of travel to your loved ones, according to CEO and co-founder Gregory Geny. “There’s been a huge demand for a gifting product which makes sense, as it has historically been difficult to buy travel for someone else. When do they want to go? What type of break do they want? What destinations do they actually want to visit? The BRB gift card will solve all these problems and is going live very soon. It will allow you to choose between purchasing 1, 2 or 3 trips on our ‘Go Solo’ or ‘Go Together’ plans.”

Find out more about BRB here.