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World Pasta Day is here and these are the best places to spend it in

What world would it be without pasta? The queen of all carbs is such an important part in several cultures’ cuisines that it even has its own World Day dedicated to it – and it’s approaching fast.

World Pasta Day is coming soon. Photo by Ismayilov/Shutterstock

World Pasta Day is on 25 October and 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the event, organised by the International Pasta Association. The first World Pasta Day was in Naples, Italy in 1998, while this year’s celebrations are taking place in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Travel accommodation website Booking.com has released new research with the five best destinations besides Dubai to enjoy a plate of your favourite kind of pasta.

You can start with Beijing, China’s capital and also probably the birthplace of noodles, which then travelled to the rest of the world sometime around the 13th century. You can still find handmade noodles sold as street food to this day everywhere in Beijing, but Booking.com suggests that the Wangfujing Snack Street market is the place to find the best ones the city can offer.

Wangfujing Snack Street is one of the best street food spots of China’s capital. Photo by aphotostory/Shutterstock

New York City’s immigrant Italian community needs no introduction, and neither does the Little Italy neighbourhood of Lower Manhattan. Italo-American pasta is unique in its own way, sitting right at the crossroads of Italian cuisine and the American one. Along the same lines of New York City, Booking.com lists Melbourne in Australia and Sao Paulo in Brazil, both places with huge Italian communities. You can find out for yourself how Italo-Brazilian fusion cuisine tastes, or take a stroll down Lygon Street, Melbourne’s own Little Italy.

The world-famous neighbourhood of Little Italy is found in Lower Manhattan in NYC. Photo by Michele Vacchiano/Shutterstock

The Philippines might be an unusual destination, but in Manila traditional cuisine has mixed with the recipes brought in by the immigrant community creating interesting dishes, including baked macaroni, pasta cooked in the oven. Booking.com really suggests you give them a try.

And of course, a list like this couldn’t be complete without mentioning Italy. The entire Italian peninsula is full of different recipes and traditions when it comes to pasta, but Booking.com suggests visiting Palermo in Sicily and its traditional market in Piazza Caracciolo. That’s the best place to go to to get all the fresh ingredients that would make a perfect Mediterranean style pasta dish.

How can you not mention Italy during World Pasta Day? Photo by Matej Kastelic/500px

According to Booking.com, “more than 60% of global travellers told us they choose which place they’ll visit next based on local cuisine,” so it seems pretty reasonable to travel the world looking for the perfect spaghetti or the best penne. The only remaining question then is, where would you like to spend World Pasta Day?