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Fancy trying a nice cold BEER RAMEN at this restaurant in Canada?

From glitter pizza to mayonnaise-flavoured ice cream, it sometimes seems like every possible food creation has already been done. But there is still new ground to cover, as shown by a Canadian restaurant that’s serving up a nice mug full of cold beer ramen.

Sample a beer ramen in Richmond, Canada. Image by Yuu Japanese Tapas

Yuu Japanese Tapas, a restaurant in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond, has created a new menu item inspired by a summer heat wave in the city. The owner of the restaurant, Julia Kubotani, was thinking about enjoying a cold beer and ramen, and decided to create something that would satisfy both those desires.

Sample a beer ramen in Richmond, Canada. Image by Yuu Japanese Tapas

It is important to note that it’s not just noodles floating around in a glass of beer – it’s actually a bowl of proper ramen and broth served up in a big beer mug. The ramen noodles are in a cold bonito (fish) broth – made daily by the restaurants master chef – and the foam is made with broth, gelatine and egg whites. To dig in, customers can add any of the condiments that come with it – green onion, wasabi, nori and pickles – and then plunge their chopsticks right into the mug. Of course, since you have it all in a handy glass, slurping up your broth will be much easier at the end. The dish also comes with mixed veggie tempura or deep fried chicken.

Generally, ramen is a Japanese dish made up of a brother filled with Chinese-style wheat noodles. While massively popular around the world and in Richmond, this new take on a classic is at least an eye-catching way to enjoy a meal.

If you want to try it for yourself, Yuu Japanese Tapas is located on Sexsmith Road in Richmond.