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This devoted dad let his daughter use his hand as a pillow for an entire flight

Trying to catch 40 winks on a flight can be tricky when you’re in economy class, particularly if you’re not sitting in the window seat and don’t have something soft to lean your head on. One kind dad stepped in and made his young daughter’s mid-flight snooze more bearable by letting her use his hand as a pillow on a recent flight, and it has warmed the hearts of those who have seen the image circulating on social media.

A dad let his daughter use his hand as a pillow for an entire flight. Image: imagedepotpro

Abdelsattar Elfarra from the Palestinian Territories was travelling on the flight from Cairo to the resort town Sharm el-Sheikh, when he captured the image of the devoted dad, who was sitting directly behind his daughter on the aisle seat of the plane. It showed that as the young girl tried to go to sleep, her head leaned against the armrest. Her kind dad then reached out from behind and placed his hand as a buffer between the hard plastic and his child’s head to give her some comfort.

Abdelsattar, who goes by the Twitter handle @Satar_Gaza, tweeted the image of the unnamed Egyptian dad, who kept his hand in that position for the duration of the flight. “This father keeps putting his hand under his daughter’s head during the trip for more than 40 minutes. No one will love you like your parents,” was his caption. He also commented that airlines usually don’t give pillows to passengers during short-haul trips like that one.

Minaret at sunset from Al Azhar Garden in Cairo, Egypt. Image: Loïc Lagarde/500px

Since the heartwarming image was shared online, it has gone viral, being retweeted over 14k times and attracting more than 13k likes. People seem touched by the devotion of the dad, who probably suffered a cramp in his hand while ensuring that his child’s rest was made more comfortable.