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This portable hotel brings travellers to the best surf spots in Portugal and Morocco

Surfing is the perfect activity for lovers of travel, and throughout the world, Portugal is hailed as one of the top locations for stellar waves and beautiful beaches. With the sport growing in popularity, one creative couple has come up with the perfect way to showcase all that the country has to offer. The brainchild of trip guide Daniela Carneiro and surf instructor Eduardo Ribeiro, Truck Surf Hotel is a unique form of travel that takes people to the very best surf spots along the country’s coast while also providing portable accommodation that is truly captivating.

Truck Surf Hotel is a luxury hotel on wheels. Image by Truck Surf Hotel

With the goal of helping travellers explore uncrowded locations as well as offering the chance for them to take part in adventure and cultural experiences, the idea to create Truck Surf Hotel naturally evolved from Eduardo and Daniela’s lifestyle. “We used to travel in a campervan through Europe and Africa, exploring different cultures and surf spots and making new friends. We wanted to create something different to share this lifestyle and offer people the flexibility to travel with comfort and find the best outdoor experiences. So we came up with the Truck Surf Hotel!” owner Daniela Carneiro told Lonely Planet Travel News.

The vehicle features spacious rooms and chill out areas. Image by Truck Surf Hotel

The portable hotel is spacious and comfortable and has been designed to be cosy and inclusive. “Everyone gets very surprised when they see the Truck live for the first time. Not only because of how it slides open with the hydraulic system, but also because it is bigger and more spacious than what it looks in the pictures,” Daniela said. Guests can sit down to a breakfast buffet every morning, where they usually spend the time sharing stories and getting to know each other. Bedrooms are located on the top floor, with guests having their own private spaces. Travellers even wake up to different views, surrounded by nature in rural tourism farms and natural camping sites.

Packages are tailored according to the interests of guests. Image by Truck Surf Hotel

A trip with Truck Surf Hotel is unique, and can be tailored according to the interests of guests. “During the day we travel in our van, exploring different areas, according to the kind of experience the guests have chosen, either surfing on different beaches along the coast or exploring the spectacular nature with different outdoor activities. At the end of the day, when we come back to the truck, everyone takes a warm shower and enjoys the sunset. Some nights we just cook together and enjoyed the down time,” Daniela said.

Guests enjoy meals in the common area. Image by Truck Surf Hotel

At the moment Truck Surf Hotel is travelling along the southwest coast of Portugal and offers two separate itineraries. From December to March it can be found in Morocco, with weekly trips between Essaouira and Agadir, while from May to October it is in Portugal, with weekly trips between Sines and Lagos. Prices start from €499 per person for a shared double room and surf experience.

The hotel brings guests to beaches along the coast of Portugal and Morocco. Image by Truck Surf Hotel

More information on the Truck Surf Hotel is available from the official website.