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Celebrate harvest season in Italy with some "wine fitness"

Wine harvest season is fast-approaching in Italy, and while vineyards up and down the Bel Paese are gearing up for it, one, in particular, is offering a pretty interesting activity. Ever heard of wine fitness?

The Franciacorta region produces one of Italy’s most famous wines. Photo courtesy of Cantina Al Rocol

The Cantina Al Rocol is located in Ome in the province of Brescia in Lombardy and sits right in the middle of the hills of the Franciacorta area, one of the most famous in Italy when it comes to wine and its production. And it’s also organising a series of “wine fitness” classes for the rest of September— a month universally acknowledged for being the wine season.

Wine fitness takes place right between the vineyards. Photo courtesy of Cantina Al Rocol

Guests who will take part in these “Wine Farmer Gymnastics” will exercise in the middle of the vineyards, under the supervision of a Personal Wine Trainer— he will lead the class, explaining the movements taken from the everyday activity of a vineyard, from sowing the plants to picking the grapes. The focus will be on stretching and regaining mobility, as well as emotional wellbeing. At the end of the class, you’ll be able to freshen up with a degustation of Franciacorta wines and then tour the cellars, where you’ll see firsthand how the same wine you just drank is made.

A Personal Wine Trainer will supervise all classes. Photo courtesy of Cantina Al Rocol

“Wine fitness” classes are thought out for small groups and will be held on each Sunday of this September, but also on request during the weekend. The Cantina Al Rocol is a farmhouse as well, and if guests wish to do so they can spend the night there as well.

Wine fitness classes will happen throughout the month of September. Photo courtesy of Cantina Al Rocol

For more information on the vineyard and the “Wine Farmer Gymnastics”, you can look at the official website here.