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Santa is looking for new elves to help in Lapland

If you’re a fan of the cold weather and sparkling, white snow then this might be the year to run away to the north and live out your frozen fantasy. Finnish Lapland are looking for lots of seasonal workers for this year’s winter season.

Santa Claus is looking for some help this winter season. Photo by Roberto Moiola / Sysaworld

As you might expect living in the home of Santa Claus, plenty of new elves will be needed. They will ensure that everything goes smoothly and magically for the thousands of visitors who are expected to come and visit the man himself during this winter season.

If you prefer the company of animals to people, there are also opportunities to work with Santa’s reindeers, as well as huskies and horses. You could be taking care of them day-to-day or become a winter safari guide. There are also plenty of open roles for chefs, office workers, housekeeping and food servers.

Wanted: reindeer handlers. Photo by Roman Babakin/Shutterstock

The more creative among job-seekers may also be interested in the unique opportunity to become a photography guide. With plenty of tourists coming in hope of capturing the Northern Lights and epic landscape in their shots, one tour company is looking for a photographer to lead tours and expeditions into nature to help people get the best out of their equipment.

As for daily life in Lapland, you can expect 200 days of snow and the possibility of spying the Northern Lights and two months of dramatic polar nights. Living here would be a match made in heaven for anybody who loves winter sports; in your free time there’s plenty of snowboarding and all kinds of skiing to enjoy.

If one of these opportunities sounds like a dream come true, there is an online employment event taking place on 6 September between 10am and 4pm CET. You can register in advance online.