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Take your pet to this hotel for five-star treatment

If your favorite pet is feeling a bit under the weather, then you could consider treating it to a luxurious hotel and spa experience. From kindergarten for puppies to gym membership and “pawlates” classes, this hotel has it all.

The Barkingham Pet Hotel lobby. Image: courtesy of the Barkingham Pet Hotel, Palm Desert, CA

After having upgraded from a smaller building to a 23,000-square-foot one last year, the Barkingham Pet Hotel in Palm Desert, California might just be the lushest experience a pet can get. The five-star treatment starts from the rooms, equipped with king-sized beds, webcams for concerned owners, a continuous concierge service and the possibility of hiring a personal valet that will sleep with puppies who might feel lonely. It continues with mud baths and essential oil massages if you’re looking to treat your pet to a more relaxing time, or with fitness classes and certified training if you prefer a more active experience. If dogs get tired, though, they can always relax in front of the 42” flat television, so no risk of exhaustion in sight.

One of the hotel’s luxury suites. Image: courtesy of The Barkingham Pet Hotel, Palm Desert, CA

All this pampering does not go unnoticed by the owners, who want the best for their pets but might want it also for themselves. “People often ask me if they can stay here, too,” says Lori Weiner, the owner. “The problem is that there is no place for them to shower unless they go into the lake that is used for swimming.”

El Paw-seo is one of the hotel wings, together with Griffith Bark and Doguna Beach. Image: courtesy of The Bakingham Pet Hotel, Palm Desert, CA

The Barkingham Hotel also has hosts weddings and birthday parties, which can take up to thirty days to put together, especially if invitations are sent out. “All of our ceremonies usually have a different theme, depending on what the client wants,” Lori continues. “Once we had a pirate-themed birthday party, with all the dogs dressed as pirates and pirate-inspired cake, decorations, and games.”

The outdoor playgrounds of the hotel. Image: courtesy of The Barkingham Pet Hotel, Palm Desert, CA

Dogs aren’t the hotel only clients. Cats have their own special wing, the Inter Cat-inental Hotel, which offers the same luxurious treatments and experience. For further information on the Barkingham Pet Hotel, please see their website here.

Words: Benedetta Geddo