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You can now drop your luggage off for safe-keeping in shops, pubs and cafés across New York

Having to drag your luggage around with you for hours is pretty annoying when you’re on holidays, but services that will look after your bag for an hourly fee while you go off and explore are popping up around the world –  and some are set in surprising locations.

You can leave your luggage in shops, pubs and cafés across New York. Image: LuggageHero

Being stuck with heavy luggage is a pain when you want to go off shopping or sightseeing but it happens often. This is partly due to the surging popularity of private accommodation websites like Airbnb, and frequently because check-out times are generally early in hotels and check-in times are later on in the day. One solution is LuggageHero, which was already on the scene in Copenhagen and London, and has now expanded into New York. Its selling point is that it lets you store your luggage in a local shop, café or hotel, which is often more convenient than having to go to a storage facility at a train station.

You can leave your luggage in shops, pubs and cafés across New York, Copenhagen and London. Image: Peter-Emil Witt

The company was founded by Jannik Lawaetz from Denmark, and he started it on the ground in Copenhagen in 2016. He went to a train station and approached travellers dragging luggage around and convinced them to drop it off in a local shop. When he started up in London in 2017, he had 75 certified shops signed up to store luggage in within three months.

LuggageHero was founded by Jannik Lawaetz from Denmark. Image: LuggageHero

The service operates through a network of shops, pubs and other retail outlets with available storage spaces in convenient locations. You can make a booking in advance online to be sure there is enough space left when you arrive, but bookings are not binding and there are no fees for no-shows. The fee is €1 (£0.87) per hour in Copenhagen and London and a one-time handling fee of €2 (£1.75) per bag, which includes insurance of up to €2500 (£2184) per bag, It’s $2 (€1.70) per hour in New York, but you don’t pay more than $12 (€10.19) per bag for the first 24 hours and the price includes up to $3000 (€2546) insurance.

You can leave your luggage in shops, pubs and cafés instead of dragging it around. Image: LuggageHero

The company plans to add a few hundred more locations in New York by the end of the year, and is aiming to begin operating in more cities as well. For further information or to make a booking, see here.