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You can now go to “Bring Your Own Cannabis” yoga sessions at this LA studio

Just when you thought consumption of cannabis among Californians couldn’t get any chicer – ganja-infused yoga sessions are becoming increasingly prevalent among zen-seekers and wellness enthusiasts alike.

Cannabis can be taken as a micro-dose in a tea ceremony. Image by Lit Yoga

Yoga in all its guises has been the outlet of choice for those seeking enlightenment for centuries. However in a world with increasing noise and distraction, it can be argued that one needs more than just a mat, incense, and chanting to truly switch off. Enter Lit Yoga, a Venice-based studio-cum-sanctuary envisioned as a safe haven for people seeking to explore cannabis-enhanced yoga in an open, welcoming space all the while connecting with a like-minded community.

Enthusiasts believe a micro-dose can improve their practice. Image by Lit Yoga

Former dancer Hannah Mason co-created California’s first cannabis yoga studio with Julian Brand after years of incorporating cannabis into their own practices to help ease muscle pain and increase focus. “Cannabis can be a catalyst to bring yoga practitioners into their internal landscape and allow a deepening to the process of self-exploration and self-knowledge,” Mason told Lonely Planet. “The plant naturally connects people to their physical being, to their breath, and to an expanded state of consciousness. While practicing yoga also brings about these same experiences, cannabis is another pathway to getting there, that for some people, can be very useful and insightful.”

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Mason explains that moderation is key. Lit Yoga isn’t about getting blasted, super stoned, or intoxicated. Instead, micro-dosing is encouraged. “Micro-dosing, consuming small amount of cannabis like 2.5mg or less, can be incredibly powerful in gently guiding people to a state of relaxation, openness, and heightened awareness of one’s thoughts and emotions,” Mason enthuses.

The cannabis x wellness industry in California is booming, with beauty and lifestyle businesses keen to dabble. Legal weed dispensaries are becoming increasingly chic, with many attracting more than 23,000 monthly customers through their doors. As for the burning question: what are classes at Lit like? Mason promises a unique experience for up to 12 yogis that engages the mind, body, and senses in a manner that is social, inclusive, ceremonial, and relaxed. “We begin our classes with a cannabis ritual, that includes drinking ceremonial style herbal teas, smoking joints, or flower from the in-house VapeExhale, or adding CBD and/or THC tinctures to your tea for non-smokers.”

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“If you’re interested about getting know yourself and your body better, this style is for you,” she adds. “If you are an explorer of life, looking to expand your awareness, and have some experience with yoga already, adding cannabis to your practice is a powerful way to dive deeper into the practice. For newbies, start small, explore micro-dosing, and stay connected and committed to your breath as your primary focus.”

Classes, from $30 (€25), can be found here.