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See the Great Wall of China shrouded in a haunting mist

One of the most iconic landmarks in world, the Great Wall of China attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year, with countless numbers of images taken there daily. But one photographer has shared a series of pictures that depict the Great Wall in a mesmerising way, completely empty and shrouded in a haunting mist.

The Great Wall of China captured in mist. Image by Andres Gallardo

Taken by Spanish photographer Andres Gallardo, the Solitude at the Endless Wall series was captured at the end of February 2018, and shows the usually-packed iconic landmark without any visitors at all. “In the car I couldn’t really see where we were heading, since the fog didn’t allow us to see the wall. It was up at the wall when I realized I was so lucky to experience such magic and dreamy scenery, with the structure disappearing through the fog. I have seen many photos of the Great Wall, but to be honest I didn’t have much expectations about photographing there. I thought there would be masses of people and it would be very difficult to make interesting photos, different from what everyone else has done,” Andres told Lonely Planet Travel News.

The photographer journeyed to the landmark while on a trip to Beijing. Image by Andres Gallardo

Andres decided to visit the wall while on a trip to Beijing, and spent some time researching online the best route to take before heading to a section in Mutianyu. However, the unique weather conditions coupled with some bus cancellations made his journey complicated and longer than expected. Upon reaching the structure, the photographer was surprised to encounter only a few people along the way, taking the opportunity to take some captivating images.

Despite the fact that the Great Wall of China is one of the most popular sites in the world, Andres managed to capture images free from any tourists. Image by Andres Gallardo

“What I found most interesting when shooting was the feeling of solitude, the silence and the dreamy scenery. Although there were a few people, I was amazed to find myself looking in every direction and not seeing anyone quite often. This has been a great reminder of a traveling lesson. Quite often the best memories and photos of a trip come from unexpected situations.”

More of Andres’ work is available at his official website.