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Hand-crafted nests and tree houses being installed inside and out in Hong Kong exhibition

A new exhibition has opened in Hong Kong that features a selection of stunning hand-crafted bird’s nests and tree huts constructed by Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata.

A scale model of a bird's nest created by Tadashi Kawamata.
A scale model of a bird’s nest created by Tadashi Kawamata. Image by Kamel Mennour archives

Taking place at Over the Influence gallery on Hollywood Road in Central Hong Kong and created in association with Kamel Mennour, the Nest and Tree Hut exhibition is the artist’s first solo show to be hosted in the city, and includes scale models of site-specific installations that the artist has made over the years. Running until 4 May, it features over two dozen handcrafted models and offers an insight into the artist’s creative process. Built from simple materials such as reclaimed lumber and old chairs, the final sculptures are intended to transform their temporary surroundings, evoke childhood memories and suggest transient shelters in the minds of viewers.

Tadashi Kawamata’s tree huts installed on location. Image by Kamel Mennour archives

Created to be short-lived, each sculpture created by Tadashi Kawamata is designed to make audiences think about the methods of construction and deconstruction, and are usually only in place for a few weeks or months at a time. The artist recently created a gigantic nest from chopsticks that wove its way through a gallery in Paris, much to the delight of guests, as well as a tower made of chairs and a construction made of packing crates. On each of his projects, Kawamata reaches out to local students in an effort to find assistants to help construct the pieces, while also working to create an atmosphere of collaboration and social exchange. ‘What I’m looking for above all is the pleasure of working together. The final result is secondary to that,” Tadashi Kawamata said.

A model of a chopstick nest created by Tadashi Kawamata.
A model of a chopstick nest created by Tadashi Kawamata. Image by Kamel Mennour archives

Born in 1953 in Hokkaidō, Japan, Tadashi Kawamata lives and works in Tokyo and Paris. More information on the exhibition is available at the official Over the Influence website.