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The adorable goats at this adults-only Jamaican resort have just had two kids

As if Betty and Royal Brown, the two goats at Sunset at the Palms resort in Negril, Jamaica, aren’t sweet enough on their own, they have just become proud parents to two even more adorable kids.

Betty the goat and her two kids have a picnic with a guest. Image: Sunset at the Palms

Betty made her first appearance at the adults-only retreat last spring, through a trade with a local farmer who collects the kitchen scraps to feed his pigs. The extroverted goat quickly became the highlight of the team’s weekly nature tour, and guests fell in love with her. Last summer, the resort even started offering the opportunity to take her on a picnic.

Betty the goat’s two kids. Image: Sunset at the Palms

Around the same time, another goat, Royal Brown, joined the resort, and he was clearly captivated by Betty too as they have now had twin babies. The bouncing baby goats are a girl weighing three pounds and seven ounces, and a boy weighing three pounds and three ounces. He has a white backside that makes it easy to distinguish him from his sister.

Betty the goat and her friend Royal Brown at the Jamaican resort. Image: Sunset at the Palms

They are both very friendly and playful and have begun joining Betty on guest picnics over the holidays. Guests receive a basket full of tasty items prepared by the in-house chef and a bottle of red or white wine to enjoy either in the hotel gardens or on the beach, as well as pint-sized treats for Betty and her babies.

Betty and Royal Brown’s two kids. Image: Sunset at the Palms

Though the staff of Sunset at the Palms are thrilled with the new additions to their animal family, they wish to assure fans of the adults-only resort that these goats are the only kids you’ll ever see there. For further information, see here.