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Pink chocolate KitKats are coming; here's where to find them

East Asia’s favourite chocolate snack is about to get a makeover. Nestle has announced it will debut a new pink chocolate KitKat in South Korea and Japan.

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KitKats have proved very popular in east Asia, particularly in Japan, where the confectionery has become an unlikely souvenir of choice for many travellers due to its unusual flavours and limited edition varieties.

The new millennial pink KitKats will be made from ruby chocolate, a brand new type of chocolate developed from ‘ruby cocoa beans’. These botanical beans produce a naturally pink chocolate with a sweet-and-savoury, berry-like flavour. Unlike other forms of pink chocolate, the colour is purportedly a natural result of the beans’ qualities, rather than from the use of food colouring or dye.

Pink KitKAt goes on sale in Asia
Nestle to launch pink KitKat in Japan and South Korea. Photo by: BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images

Ruby chocolate was developed by chocolate brand Barry Callebaut, who in a press release about the launch, called it the “fourth type of chocolate – next to dark, milk and white.”

Nestle will be the first brand to utilise ruby chocolate in a commercial confectionary. The company plans to debut the pink KitKat bars in Japan and South Korea on 19 January ahead of Valentine’s Day.