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Want to instantly book a rustic retreat in New York State? Tentrr is the Airbnb of camping

A website that instantly connects landowners with people looking to camp at unique, scenic locations across the state of New York has been garnering serious attention from outdoor enthusiasts due to its streamlined, easy to use service.

A man relaxes in an orange hammock in the woods as part of Tentrr online marketplace similar to Airbnb for camp sites in New York State
Tentrr allows guests to easily book campsites on private land by linking them with landowners. Image by Tentrr

Founded by Michael D’Agostino in 2015, Tentrr aims to simplify the entire process of planning a camping trip by creating an online marketplace for landowners and guests to interact. Similar to Airbnb, prospective visitors can search through different campsite profiles before booking online, while prospective landowners can sign up and create profiles to rent their properties.

A Tentrr tent complete with bed, chairs and amenities for camping
Campsites come equipped with canvas tents, beds, chairs and amenities already set up. Image by Tentrr

The site features a streamlined booking service and payment system, offering campsites that have been carefully scouted and designed to offer privacy and access to local activities. Tents are already set up, minimizing the gear that needs to be brought, while each campsite is dog friendly and caters for groups.  Guests can use filters to refine what priorities they are looking for, including rivers, views, forests, with activities such as kayaking and white water rafting available. There is even a level of seclusion option that ranges from“right nearby” through to “zombie proof”, for anyone truly hoping to get away from it all.

The website features a section on becoming a CampKeeper, allowing landowners to get set up with fully-equipped campsites, tools, tents and booking control. Every Tentrr campsite comes equipped with a high quality canvas tent and platform, a queen-sized cot with bedside stands, a 5-person dome tent, as well as chairs, a picnic table, a CampBox for dry storage, grills, sun showers, camp toilets and water containers.

A man fishes at a river at a tentrr campsite in the US
Campsites feature access to local activities such as fishing. Image by Tentrr

Campkeepers can choose from two membership options, the first costing $1250 upfront, allowing them to receive 80% of the nightly rate, while the second option allows for membership fees to be paid off over time.

Tentrr campsite lonely planet USA
The website also allows landowners to set up profiles, providing them with the equipment needed to create campsites. Image by Tentrr

Tentrr currently has over 15 campsites across New York State, but is expanding throughout New England the mid-Atlantic states. More information on booking is available on the Tentrr website.