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Rennes Airport is hosting a photography exhibit dedicated to redheads from Brittany

A photography exhibition dedicated to showcasing redheads from the region of Brittany in France is currently on show at Rennes Airport, featuring giant portraits of subjects of all ages. Created by Pascal Sacleux, a redhead himself who works at the airport as a boarding agent, the project is dedicated to promoting a positive self-image and aims to tackle the issues of bullying and negative stereotyping of redheads.

Portraits of redheads from brittany by Pascal Sacleux hanging in the depatures lounge of Rennes airport.
Pascal’s exhibition in the departure lounge of Rennes airport is the first of it’s kind to be featured in the space. Image by Pascal Sacleux

Having grown up in Paris, Pascal was first inspired to begin the project after he moved to Brittany and noticed that redheads there seemed to have a more difficult time in society as opposed to France’s diverse capital city. He began making portraits, and after sharing some of his images, the photographer started to receive messages of support from redheads all around the world who shared their stories with him.

Pascal Sacleux's portrait of a red-haired Brittany girl
The aim of Pascal’s project was to celebrate the beauty of red-haired people from Brittany. Image by Pascal Sacleux

“I decided to make an exhibit about us, a collection of close-ups. People were thanking me, congratulating me, encouraging me, telling me how they felt relieved. My goal was to show a concentration of beautiful people. I did not do castings, I shot whoever would respond. But also the other goal was to encourage redheads to love themselves,” Pascal told Lonely Planet Travel News.

A portrait of a young redhead boy from Brittany by Pascal Sacleux
Pascal photographed 93 people from all age groups for the project. Image by Pascal Sacleux

The fruits of Pascal’s labour can now be seen on display in the departure hall of Rennes airport, in an exhibition that features 30 huge PVC portrait prints of redheads, as well as two 2X3-metre prints with 86 faces of subjects that sat for him. Throughout the series Pascal met and photographed 93 people in total, ranging in ages from six months to 70 years old.

A red-haired Brittany woman
The exhibition features 3o large portraits of redheads from the region. Image by Pascal Sacleux

Another photographer named Brian Dowling has also garnered praise recently for a similar series that saw him traveling to nearly 20 countries around the world to meet and take pictures of redheads for book that is currently in the works.

Photographer Pascal Sacleux with the subjects of his series, pictured at the exhibition at Rennes Airport.
Photographer Pascal Sacleux with the subjects of his series, pictured at the exhibition at Rennes Airport. Image by Pascal Sacleux

Pascal’s exhibition, “Bretagne : Ornements de rousseur” will be on display at Rennes airport until 15 June. More of his work is available on his website.