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This couple’s incredible hyper-lapse video showcases their six-month adventure through Asia

A Swiss couple has created a stunning time-lapse video that condenses a six-month trip across Asia into just three minutes.       

Asia Hyper Lapse Video
The video showcases a six-month adventure through Asia in just three minutes. Image by Lytchee Travel
Hyper Lapse Asia
The time-lapse brings the viewer through nine countries. Image by Lytchee Travel

Created by Sylvain and Jenny from Lytchee Travel, a website dedicated to sharing informative video content, the hyper-lapse features 3578 photographs edited together to create a fast paced, dream-like trip through Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Laos. It showcases some of the most beautiful temples, beaches and sites in the regions, and even includes Sylvain’s wedding proposal to Jenny on the Great Wall of China.


The couple met while studying tourism in college, and bonded through their mutual love of travel. They soon became interested in the idea of creating video content that offered a unique perspective on the world. “Videos make stories look more real and are the perfect way to show people what a destination looks like.  Moreover, we didn’t want to speak about our lives like traditional vlogging, but about the destination, the people and the food,” Sylvain and Jenny said.

Asia Hyper Lapse
Sylvain and Jenny met in school while studying tourism. Image by Lytchee Travel

The unique, natural beauty on display throughout their six-month trip proved to be an especially inspiring portion of the experience for the couple. “I love the sunsets and in Asia, I feel that the sun is bigger, rounder and closer than in Europe. I especially remember the sunset on U Bein Bridge, near the town of Mandalay in Myanmar. Settled a bit away from the tourists, we photographed this wonder until the sun disappeared. At the end of the day, orange colours appeared in this exceptional setting,” Jenny told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Asia Hyper Lapse
The video even features Sylvain’s proposal to Jenny on the Great Wall of China. Image by Lytchee Travel
A map of the couple's route.
A map of the couple’s route. Image by Lytchee Travel

The Lytchee Travel website also features portraits of people taken throughout their trip, as well as articles, tips and travel recommendations. Sylvain and Jenny recently spent some time in Barcelona, and will be sharing advice on activities and food in the city. They also plan on launching a YouTube channel in English for people interested in travelling in Switzerland. More information on Sylvain and Jenny’s adventures is available on their website, while more of their video content can be viewed on their YouTube channel.
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