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New zipline at Niagara Falls in Canada will give guests a unique view

A new attraction at Niagara Falls in Canada will give visitors a unique view – if they are brave enough to see it at high speed.

A new zipline – called the Wildplay MistRider – has opened at the falls and will send travellers soaring along four parallel lines that descend 670 metres, or 2200 feet. Visitors hop on the line at the Niagara Parks Commission’s Grand View Marketplace and cruise across to the Niagara Gorge.

Niagara Falls straddles Canada and the US, on the border between Ontario and New York. If you’re not too busy being terrified, the zipline offers views of both the American and Canadian side of the massive waterfall, and the company says it will not impact on the view for visitors in Queen Victoria Park.

Anyone who wants to give it a spin must be more than 7- years-old and weigh between 65 and 300 pounds. The whole experience is guided, meaning users don’t have to worry about stopping themselves at the end of the line.

While some thrill-seekers have already had the chance to try it, the official grand opening of the zipline will be held on 20 July.

If your travels are keeping you closer to Europe than Canada this summer, Croatia just opened the first zipline over the sea in Europe. The zipline is located in Crikvenica on the Adriatic coast and gives visitors a special view of the Kačjak peninsula.