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'Budgie smugglers' and 'glamping' added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Two terms that have become common parlance in recent times among travellers have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The first is “budgie smugglers,” the term for tight male swimming trunks that leave nothing to the imagination – a sight we’ve probably all been treated to on beaches around the world.

The Australian slang term ‘budgie smugglers’ has been officially added to Oxford English Dictionary. Image: Getty Images

Famously worn by former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, who also ended up in the papers for “stealing” a teenager’s wave while surfing, the trunks have been affectionately referred to as “budgie smugglers” by Australians since the 1990s. The reason is that the tightness of the shorts makes the male appendage resemble a budgie stuffed down the front of someone’s shorts in appearance.

The other term added was “glamping,” a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities that are more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Glamping has become very popular as people have become a little less inclined to rough it while travelling in recent times, and it combines all the thrill of camping with the ease of a few home comforts.

Glamping is now in the dictionary.
Glamping is now in the dictionary. Image by Roderick Eime / CC BY 2.0

The new travel-flavoured additions to the dictionary were among 1,000 words included in the latest update. Nearly 2,000 existing entries were also fully revised or expanded.