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Game of Thrones season six unveils new amazing destination in Spain's Navarra region

Among the many commendations you could set at the feet of the crew working behind Game Of Thrones, is that they certainly know how to find cinematic set locations.

The limestone and cabezos of the Bardenas Reales natural park
The limestone and cabezos of the Bardenas Reales natural park Image by The Spanish Traveller

Having famously turned areas of Iceland, Morocco, and Ireland into pilgrimage destinations for die-hard fans and tourists alike, Game of Thrones, has done more than its fair share in showcasing some of the earth’s most scenic and beautiful spots worth visiting.

If rumours are to be believed, one location that features heavily in the new season that premiered this week, and that was particularly beloved by the cast and crew working on the series, is the region of Navarra in Spain


The town of Tudela is close to where many of the scenes were shot, and famous for its Portal of the last Judgment and its stunningly beautiful medieval cathedral. It also so happens that it was where much of the casting for season six happened and it was specified that actors were to have ‘fit bodies and no hipster haircuts’ according to the Guardian.

However, where most of the filming took place was in the Bardenas Reales natural park, that with its semi-deserted landscape of carved sandstone, canyons, and its famous towers of stone known as cabezos, is about as natural a location for Game of Thrones as you could imagine.

This is the location where one of the principal characters Daenerys is seen marching with her followers (sans hipster haircuts).

The Bardenas park is not an area on the tourist trail, arguably because tourists get distracted by nearby Pamplona, San Sebastian, and Bilbao, all massive tourist destinations from the ever-alluring Basque country.


Aside from its truly unique and alien looking landscape, Navarra is also one of the greenest areas of Spain, with the Ebro river making the surrounding lands particularly fertile. Every April locals celebrate Jornadas de Exaltación y Fiestas de la Verdura with festivities celebrating the bounty of the land. It ends on 1 May and sees the celebrations of all things green, yellow, and red!

Bardenas Reales
Bardenas Reales Image by Rafolas

For Game Of Thrones fans and travellers alike, it looks like the series has opened up yet another must-see destination between the Navarran Pyrenees and the raw limestone of this stunning landscape