Must see attractions in Talassemtane National Park

  • Sights in Akchour

    God's Bridge

    About 45 minutes from Akchour (1.5km), a huge reddish-brown stone arch towers 25m above the river Oued Farda. Unbelievably, the bridge wasn't carved by human hand, but rather by the river's flow over countless millennia. As the river carved a path deeper and deeper, it left the bridge high and dry. To get here, go right at the Akchour dam and hug the steep mountainside all the way to the bridge. Alternatively, go down the canyon and follow along beside the river to look up at the bridge. The trip can be challenging either path you take. Don't try to descend to the water from where the bridge meets the mountain – loose rocks have been known to give way. Small cafes along the water and at the bridge sell tea and tajines.

  • Sights in Akchour

    Akchour Waterfalls

    Cascading over smooth jagged rocks, the Akchour waterfall feeds into a turquoise pool. The view is breathtaking, especially when enjoyed with a fresh juice or tea supplied by vendors who make the two-hour trek here every morning. Guides in Akchour will try and sell you a round-trip tour, but the path here is mostly flat and easy to navigate. Simply take a left at the dam and go up the hill along the well-trodden path. You'll pass a smaller waterfall at about 45 minutes. Tajine and beverage vendors are stationed every 10 to 15 minutes along the route.