Drinking and nightlife in Around Mexico City

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Cuernavaca

    L’arrosoir d’Arthur

    Cuernavaca's coolest nightspot and hangout cafe, this French-owned place in a vintage-hip loft space downtown has good wines, local and imported beers and liqueurs such as Chartreuse or a carajillo with real coffee. On weekends, the chilled, European vibe gets more energetic with live music, theater and poetry events. The kitchen (until 6pm) provides affordable French snacks – crepes, quiche, roasted Camembert, dips.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Puebla

    La Pasita

    This tiny bar among the antique stores of La Plazuela de Los Sapos has been serving liqueur shots for over century. Try sweet and strong la pasita (raisin), rompope (eggnog), almendra (almond) or the romantically named 'artist's blood' of quince and apricot. The eclectic kitsch decor and old-world experience is worth the trip alone. Cash only.

  • Nightlife in East of Mexico City

    Vinos y Piedra

    This wine bar is complete with spittoons at each table, a basement wine cellar (visible through a section of see-through floor) and domestic and imported vinos. A hangout for Tlaxcala’s elite, it serves tapas (M$45 to M$85) with an emphasis on highfalutin dishes such as grapes rolled in blue cheese. Breakfasts include chapatas (Mexican sandwiches) with shrimp and hummus. The sidewalk tables are great for an evening drink.

  • Nightlife in Puebla

    Mezcalería Miel de Agave

    A wall brimming with mezcal bottles could make you light-headed with choice, but the bartender-owner can guide you through the different varieties at this tiny bar. Sniff before you drink shots a besos (sipping with 'kisses') or in margaritas. Also try pulque (fermented alcohol) and the yolixpa, a pre-Hispanic liqueur made with dozens of herbs from Sierra Norte, Puebla.

  • Nightlife in Cuernavaca

    Mercado Comonfort

    A great drinking option away from roudy La Plazuela, this 'market' is a secluded courtyard with pubs and small terraced bars from where cool locals can be seen drinking cocktails or lattes and sometimes dancing. Beer and wine snacks include pizza, tapas, vegetarian meals, and Yucatecan and Oaxacan dishes. Some bars stay open well after midnight on weekends.

  • Nightlife in East of Mexico City

    Pulquería Tía Yola

    Sip one of a dozen-or-so flavors of house-made pulque (low-alcohol brew made from the maguey plant) in a colorful courtyard decorated with Día de Muertos figurines and mosaics of Aztec gods. The sidewalk tables along the plaza are a prime location for weekend people-watching. There is an extensive menu of good Mexican food too.

  • Nightlife in North of Mexico City

    Espresso Central

    In a stylish, two-story building constructed from converted shipping containers, Espresso Central has quality espresso, domestic microbrews, decent wine and chai, plus crepes and bagels. At night the cafe and attached Black Wolf bar become a hip nightspot, where Pachuca’s cool kids and suit-wearers hang out most nights of the week.

  • Nightlife in Puebla

    Barra Beer

    With its impressive beer list, this shrine to las cervezas del mundo (beers of the world) serves beers from far and wide, including 21 varieties of German beer plus brews from China, Spain, Belgium and Ireland. Unless you’re desperate for your native brew, try something from the good list of artisanal Mexican beers.

  • Nightlife in West of Mexico City

    Casa Diablitos

    A shot of Malinalco mezcal with quesadillas filled with chapulines (grasshoppers) in this cave-like bar is part of the local weekend experience. Give in to your diablito (little devil) with the cata (taste-test flight) of mezcales that include chicatana (flying ant) infusions.

  • Nightlife in Puebla

    La Berenjena

    Excellent artisanal pizzas are the specialty promoted at 'The Aubergine,' but the bar's long list of Mexican craft beers and mezcals are just as special. There is also wine, cocktails (mezcal mojito, anyone?) and fancy snacks to share such as honey-roasted goat's cheese and baba ganoush (aubergine dip).

  • Nightlife in Puebla

    Café Milagros

    This is what a Mexican cafe would look like in a cartoon. Think shrines to Frida Kahlo, Day of the Dead trinkets, lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) paintings, devil masks and colorful wood tables. It's a popular backdrop for tacos with a friend or sipping a frappé solo with your electronic gadget.

  • Nightlife in Tepoztlán

    La Terraza

    It looks unassuming from the street, but climb the stairs and this dimly lit, open-air bar has good views of the cliff face and greenery. The late-closing kitchen prepares decent grills and Mexican snacks to go with the beer, cocktails and spirits. The music leans toward ranchera at low volume.

  • Nightlife in Tepoztlán


    You can tell that this bakery-cafe roasts its own coffee beans onsite by its rich-flavored soy lattes and espressos. Grab a croissant or concha (round pastry sprinkled with sugar) for a sip and chat in the covered patio with the expats and locals who frequent Rustique.

  • Nightlife in Valle de Bravo


    LocaL tries to be a bit of everything – cafe, co-working space with free printing deals, a library with design and architecture books, roof terrace with nursery, and a small bakery with vegan items – but its most solid triumph is being the hippest place in Valle de Bravo.

  • Nightlife in Cholula

    Bar Reforma

    Attached to Hotel Reforma, Cholula’s oldest drinking spot is a classic corner abode with swinging doors and plastic flowers, and specializes in iceless margaritas, mezcal and freshly prepared sangrias. After 9pm it’s popular with the university pre-clubbing crowd.

  • Nightlife in Puebla

    All Day Café & Bar

    This colorful cafe-bar, a student hangout just off Plazuela de los Sapos, is housed in a bright courtyard and turns into a club in the evenings. It serves a range of sandwiches, sushi, pastries, coffees and cocktails all day long, just as the name suggests.

  • Nightlife in Cholula

    Container City

    This ramshackle collection of trendy(ish) bars, restaurants, clubs and shops buzzes at night. Set in revamped and stacked former shipping containers in eastern Cholula, it's the hangout of choice for the city’s flashiest students and few fashionistas.

  • Nightlife in Cuernavaca

    House Cafe + Lounge

    Housed inside a boutique hotel, the House has excellent food and cocktails, but the real reason that the beautiful people are drawn here is to be seen lounging around the pool by night in a more tranquil environment than the clubs on the same street.

  • Nightlife in Puebla

    Zaranda Café Palafox

    Oh yes, Puebla now has excellent specialty coffee made by skilled baristas. Charming patio tables ringed by stone archways fit for a date? Yes, that too. Nab the indoor couches to relax with a croissant, bagel or chai and some travel reading.

  • Nightlife in East of Mexico City

    11:11 Cafe Boutique

    You would hardly know that this stylish cafe is down this quiet street, which makes it a popular spot for young couples and the local cool kids to hide away, sipping on frappés and good coffee with a matcha cake on the side.